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Using Handshake

Your career community is now on Handshake: join the convo

Introducing comments, posts, and a new profile for everyone on Handshake

When it comes to making career moves in today’s market, getting the right info at the right time—and from the right people—is more important than ever. In the coming weeks, every job seeker on Handshake will gain access to a new slate of essential features including:

  • The ability to post content—including videos, text, and links, with images coming soon—to Handshake’s feed
  • Access to comment on and discuss content that resonates with you
  • A refreshed profile that helps you stand out online
  • The ability to view content from your browser, not just in the Handshake mobile app

These new tools will help you learn from others in the same boat, tell your story in your own words, build your network, and get noticed by the companies you want to work for. Consider Handshake your early career social network.

mocks of college students' content posts on the Handshake feed featuring comment

Content creators, it's your time to shine

In addition to the great resources you already have access to on Handshake’s feed, you can now add your authentic voice to the conversation around the future of your field by posting content to Handshake. Our post composer supports videos, text posts, links—and soon—photos, so you can share all kinds of content to help other students and new grads with inspo and real talk about jobs and careers.

Pro tip: Get inspired to create compelling, memorable content with these ideas and best practices.

Learn personal branding from the pros! Join our free virtual workshop series this summer to get the inside scoop from seasoned content creators and you can earn a Handshake “Build your brand” certification.

Grow your connections through comments

Commenting on Handshake allows you to keep the conversation going and dig deeper on the topics you care about. You can now reply to posts from other young professionals, companies in Handshake’s 900k+ employer network, and your school’s career center.

Use comments to ask follow-up questions, share tips you’ve learned in your own academic or career journey, and build meaningful connections with members of your industry. Commenting increases your visibility on Handshake and helps you get inside intel where it matters.

Be uniquely you with an enhanced profile

We know how important it is to represent yourself authentically, especially in a professional setting where we want to look our best. That's why we're evolving the Handshake profile to give you more space to demonstrate your personality and unique background. On top of the standard stuff like your work and academic experience, you can now feature:

  • A quick summary about you.
  • What you’re looking for in your career—your ideal industry, job role, and location.
  • A unique header image to add some personality to your profile.

Grow your network with a few taps, even beyond the bounds of your school: by following and messaging other users on Handshake. No matter if they’re a recruiter at one of your goal companies, a career advisor, or another student, they can do the same for you.

More to come

Starting on June 5, 2024, these features will begin rolling out to students nationwide, and will be available to every Handshake student in the US over the coming weeks. Whether you’re on your computer or on the go, post content consistently to get better recommendations in your feed and lead the way to career success.

This is just the beginning of how we're transforming Handshake to be the professional social network for early talent. We have lots of exciting work in progress to make this product work for you and we want to hear your input on what you hope to see from Handshake as we evolve.

Download the app today to create, post, and repeat.

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