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A mobile phone is shown against a sky blue, lime green, and lilac patterned backdrop. The phone screen shows the Handshake mobile app, featuring a video from an employer on the platform.
Using Handshake

Evolving our platform to help you make career moves on the go

Our newly improved Handshake experience brings together everything you need to find, land, and succeed in your next role.

Handshake now has posts, videos, and articles to help launch your career.

Between social media and endless sketchy search results, there’s a lot of questionable, outdated job search advice out there. It’s hard to know what to trust! That’s why Handshake is entering its content era: to help break through the noise online with legit, actually helpful career advice from students, new grads, companies, and career centers, curated just for you. And bonus, it’s all in the same place where you’re already finding jobs, internships, and events.

We know you’re pulled in a million different directions—our goal is for the job search to be one less stressful thing on your plate. With inside intel, endless career inspo, and more from a network of 15M+ students, 1,500+ schools, and 900K+ companies, our built-in community has everything you need, at every step of your career.

Make your screen time matter

On top of Handshake being the #1 place to get hired, we’re now giving you even more to support your search. Top companies are sharing exclusive updates like “day in the life” videos, tips to succeed in their interview process, and first-hand POVs from their employees to set you up for success. Your school can now use Handshake to share resources like free resume templates, exclusive on-campus opportunities, and important reminders. And you’ll have more opportunities to learn from your network—fellow students at your school, alumni who’ve gotten hired at the companies you’re eyeing, and others on the same path.

Make career moves with actually useful info curated by real people who are invested in your success.

Whether you’re a freshman exploring different fields, a junior or senior looking for internships and jobs, or a new grad already getting to work, our brand new features are here to help you get ahead and get hired.

Inspiring career content

Get career inspiration with posts, videos, and articles on success stories, career paths, and opportunities you might not otherwise have considered.

A mobile phone against a sky blue backdrop showcases the new Handshake content feed experience

Personalized job recs

Get recommendations for relevant jobs, opportunities, and events based on your profile, interests, and what’s best for you.

Logos from employers who hire on Handshake displayed against an eggplant background

Events to strengthen your search

Take the next step in your job search with career fairs, networking sessions, resume workshops, and more.

iPhone showing events on Handshake's feed is displayed against a lime backdrop

Guidance from sources you trust

Easily find jobs and events and take the next step in your search with career center resources and programming, curated employers, events, fairs, articles, and appointments.

Samples of content from a university career center, a recruiter at Teach for America, and TikTok are shown against a lilac background

Search, save, and apply for the jobs you want

Discover the best opportunities for you based on your profile and interests, sorted by relevance.

A handshake search for "accounting internship" is shown on a mobile phone set against a sky blue backdrop

Message with recruiters, students, and alumni

Your network is getting bigger and better. Get the upper hand in interviews, answer your career questions, and make connections by messaging with interested recruiters, young professionals on the job in your target roles and companies, and other students and new grads.

A sample message from a recruiter inviting a candidate to apply to a role is shown on a mobile phone against an orange backdrop

More new features: loading ⏳

Soon, you’ll be able to join the conversation by sharing content of your own. Plus, later this year we’re rolling out smart tools that can help you ace your interview prep, write a cover letter that gets results, decode the unspoken rules of the industry you want to work in, and more.

Jobs, internships, and career inspo

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Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.