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Why career centers love Handshake

“Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) is committed not only to educating its students but also to providing them the tools to access internships and employment opportunities. We are excited about working with Handshake to empower our students with the resources they need to be successful in the job market.”
Sandra McKnight, Associate VP of Access, Learning, & Success • Cuyahoga Community College
“We are a two-person office with very limited resources. I was surprised to find out how affordable Handshake really is. The whole process—procurement, contracting, and implementing—was amazing. We were able to implement in 4 weeks. Don’t be intimidated by the product and bringing it to a small office.”
Ashley Moore, Director of Career Services • Northern Essex Community College
“One of our students already landed a co-op with Space X at the beginning of the semester, which is the first student that we had ‘registered’ for a co-op/intern at the company. Prior to Handshake, we truly had zero contact with them. Handshake opened the door!”
Kyle Liechty, Co-op & Intern Coordinator • Michigan State University
“Handshake has all the functionality that my little career office needs, at a price that my small institution can afford. We LOVE it!”
Amy Westra, Associate Director of Career Development • Dordt University

Streamline your work and create a better student experience

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    See 2-3x increase in number of reputable job postings

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    Track student outcomes and offer acceptances in real-time

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    Showcase your value with the help of sophisticated reporting

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    Reach students with eye-catching, actionable campaigns

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Arizona State University uses Handshake to support more than 100,000 students.

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