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Why career centers love Handshake

“One of our students already landed a co-op with SpaceX at the beginning of the semester, which is the first student that we had 'registered' for a co-op / intern at the company. Prior to Handshake, we truly had zero contact with them. Handshake opened the door!”
Kyle Liechty
Co-op & Intern Coordinator
Michigan State University
“I wanted to make sure that our students were at the greatest advantage, and that we had cutting edge technology. Handshake is, in a sense, the platform of the future. And I think Handshake had the technical flexibility and knew how to handle challenges that would really support the mission of this career center.”
Tom Devlin
Executive Director
University of California, Berkeley
“Everyone at Handshake has been really responsive. It’s really great to go back and forth when you know you’re going to get an answer to your questions–and you can get critical feedback. It’s been a real culture shift for us. If you have a problem, Handshake actually wants to help you solve the problem.”
Kevin Monahan
Associate Dean for Career & Professional Development
Carnegie Mellon University
“Handshake as a platform helps the Weingart Center provide our students with a better, faster and fuller career development and job search experience for our students. It connects our students to their career futures in real time and we like that!”
Deborah Pratt
Assistant Dean, Career Development
Whittier College

Streamline your work and create a better student experience

Create a better student experience

Job postings

Recruiters can easily connect with schools and post jobs from a single dashboard. Handshake’s algorithms ensure that students see the most relevant opportunities.

Event management

Easily measure the success of events with digital invitations, built-in social sharing, and advanced tools like registration and check-in.

Career fair planning

From payment processing to employer registration, it's easy to manage a career fair of any size.

Outcome tracking

Get the complete picture of student status, needs, and internship or job destinations.


Give students the freedom to book, view, and manage their appointments from anywhere. They can better manage their busy schedules with built-in reminders, calendar integrations, and notes.

Targeted emailing

Reach your students with well-designed, eye-catching, actionable email campaigns.

Contact management

Get a holistic picture of your interactions with key contacts.

Advanced analytics

Be ready to answer any question with the help of our sophisticated reporting tools.

Stories from our career center partners

Carnegie Mellon University

Our easy implementation process

Kevin Monahan and the Carnegie Mellon team were pleasantly surprised by their rapid, painless transition to Handshake.

University of Michigan

Make a seamless transition

Handshake successfully transitions a large, decentralized campus, quickly driving higher student and employer engagement numbers.

Arizona State University

Career services at scale

Arizona State University uses Handshake to support more than 100,000 students.

Handshake is an industry leader in helping protect student data

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