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We give 8,000,000 students and young alumni access to more opportunities than ever before, using data to help you find jobs or internships that best match your interests.

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We empower schools of all types with tools to bring higher quality and more diverse employers to campus, supercharge student engagement, and leverage data to gather insights and demonstrate results.

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We're the one-stop shop for companies, non-profits and organizations of all shapes and sizes to find, recruit and hire the best students across the country.

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"Handshake got me my next co-op with Tesla. Love it way better than the old MySpartanCareer. Really helped me out in getting this!"

Garrett Thornsberry
Michigan State University

"Handshake was a great resource for me to find a job. It allowed me to schedule meetings with career counselors and find career events on campus."

Zachary Weinstein
Stanford University

"Everyone at Handshake has been really responsive. It’s really great to go back and forth when you know you’re going to get an answer to your question - and you can get critical feedback. It’s been a real culture shift for us. If you have a problem, Handshake actually wants to help you solve the problem."

Kevin Monahan
Associate Dean for Career Development
Carnegie Mellon University

"I wanted to make sure that our students were at the greatest advantage, and that we had cutting edge technology. Handshake is, in a sense, the platform of the future. And I think Handshake had the technical flexibility and knew how to handle challenges that would really support the mission of this career center."

Tom Devlin
Executive Director
UC Berkeley

"Handshake is great! The customer service is awesome and it saves recruiters time and money. Now, I can easily identify top candidates and surface opportunities to those students by utilizing student profiles. It’s a win-win for both students and employers! I wish more schools were on this platform!"

Erica Sposato
Senior Recruiter

Over 400 top universities use Handshake to transform their college recruiting

  • Stanford
  • Michigan State
  • Spelman
  • Virginia
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Colorado State
  • Rochester
  • UC Berkeley
  • Princeton
  • Michigan Tech
  • Georgia
  • Harvey Mudd
  • Miami
  • Villanova
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Cornell
  • Morehouse
  • Brandeis
  • Chicago
  • Auburn
  • South Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Wake Forest
  • Gonzaga
  • Wellesley
  • Claremont McKenna
  • Brown

200,000 employers — including 98% of Fortune 500 companies — recruit on Handshake

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