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Using Handshake

Get inspired to create amazing content on Handshake

Check out these examples to get your creative juices flowing

So, you want to get started sharing content and building your community on Handshake’s new feed, but you don’t quite know where to start. You’ve come to the right place!

Before you create your first post, we’ve compiled some guidance and inspiration to help set your posts apart from any old videos you might find while mindlessly scrolling other apps.

These tips can help you brainstorm the best way to bring your unique perspective to life on Handshake, simultaneously building your brand and supporting others in their education and career journeys through valuable posts created with our community in mind.

Use Handshake as a portfolio

With alumni scrolling Handshake’s feed who represent countless employers, you never know which of your posts could help land you your next great job opportunity. Share an intro about yourself, practice your elevator pitch, dig into your areas of study and career goals, and share any previous work experience or extracurriculars that have helped you shape your path.

Give insider scoops about your job or internship

Your peers want to learn how to land a role and what to expect when they start. Share how you prepared for your interview, any resources you found helpful during the process, and give insight into what life’s like now that you’ve landed the role.

Map out a career path

Sharing is caring! Are you knowledgeable about a specific career path, like software engineering or accounting? Share valuable info with your community, like common steps to expect between application and job offer, industry norms like desired years of experience and salary estimates for entry-level hires, and desirable skills in the field. You never know who you’ll inspire!

Get real about the ups and downs

Success stories are always a great way to inspire folks in your community, but there’s also beauty in the in-between. Level with folks about the realities of job, internship, or extracurricular hunting! Consider sharing how you’ve handled disappointment, or have used rejection as redirection. This can help other students feel less lonely as they navigate their own path.

Showcase all types of experience

Don't have a job or internship under your belt yet? That’s OK! Show the community the breadth of ways someone in your path can build valuable experience for their resume, such as education (think: coursework, advice for choosing a major, or tips for success in key classes) and extracurriculars (think: clubs, networking activities, and volunteer opportunities that help demonstrate passion).

This is just a small sample of ideas—Handshake’s content community is all about your own authentic expression! We can’t wait to see how you bring your own ideas and experiences to life on the Handshake feed.

Still have something on your mind? Check out some frequently asked questions here.

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