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How to post on the Handshake home feed

Creating valuable career content is as easy as a few quick taps

Editor's note: Building a thriving community takes time and careful planning. To ensure we do it right, we're slowing rolling out the ability to post on Handshake. If you're interested in being an early adopter and creating content for your peers, please fill out this form to be considered for early access!

Are you full of great career tips or education ideas, but don’t know how to get your knowledge out into the world just yet? We’ve got you: let’s get you set up to post content and build your community on Handshake’s new home feed. Creating valuable career content on Handshake will help you build your personal and professional brand—your future will thank you! Simply follow the steps below to access the home feed and create your first post:

  1. Download the Handshake iOS mobile app and make sure it’s updated to the most recent version
  2. Tap the (+) button on the bottom right of your home feed
  3. Tap the video icon and select the video you want to post from your camera roll
  4. Write a caption
  5. Click Post
Handshake mobile app screenshots set against a lilac background show how to add, select, caption, and post content on the content feed

It’s that easy to get started building your personal brand and expanding your network with Handshake!

A few quick notes:

  • If you’d prefer to post text-only content, you can follow the same flow as above, just skip step three. Video and text are the only content types supported on the home feed right now, but you can look forward to photo sharing and additional community interaction features coming soon.
  • You can use a free video editing app like CapCut to get your video in great shape to upload on Handshake! For right now, you can’t record or edit videos within our app.

We can’t wait to see what you share!

Main photo by REAFON GATES

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