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Spark genuine candidate interest and improve your hiring outcomes by facilitating connections to non-recruiting teams.

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Screenshot from Handshake app and video call with an employer and candidate

Authentic brand

Build a meaningful brand that stands out from the competition and gives candidates insight into your company and roles.

Screenshot from Handshake app of employers that are advocates for their college and universities

Making hiring a team effort

Accelerate interest from qualified candidates by connecting them to the people they want to speak with most—employees in the same or similar role over recruiters.

Screenshot from Handshake app showing how to connect candidates with the employees they want to talk with

Seamless candidate experience

Make it easy for candidates to meet your company's representatives and form relationships all on Handshake.

Screenshot from Handshake app showing how easy it is for candidates to meet your company's representatives

Develop and nurture meaningful relationships with Advocates

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With Advocates, we're providing our candidates a more curated experience; we're giving them a leg up by introducing them to employees that are already in the role and can speak to the day-to-day of that position.

Kimberly Hall

Talent Acquisition and Global Process Specialist

Build an authentic brand and make hiring a team sport with Advocates