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Data-driven recruiting

How to recruit early career talent more efficiently (and get more strategic)

Efficient recruiters reach an average of 22+ candidates for every 10 minutes spent on Handshake. Learn how to spend less time on routine tasks, and more time on strategy.

Do you ever wish you could spend less time on repetitive recruiting tasks, so you could spend more time on recruiting strategy?

By streamlining engagement activities at the top of your recruiting funnel, your team can free up resources to become more efficient, more strategic, and stand out more to early career candidates with tailored experiences as they move through the hiring process.

How to reach early career candidates more efficiently

On average, efficient recruiters reach over 22 candidates for every 10 minutes spent on Handshake. Here are 3 ways that efficient recruiting teams use Handshake to find, attract, and engage early talent.

❌ Inefficient: Posting jobs at schools one by one

✅ Efficient: Posting jobs across hundreds of institutions

With students applying to more jobs out of state compared to in state, it’s important to build your brand with talent beyond your office region. Handshake Early Talent Award winning employers like Goldman Sachs use “school agnostic” or “school inclusive” strategies, which means that you're open to recruiting students from any and every school.

Employer partners using Handshake Talent Engagement Suite leverage advanced tools to find the right school partners and connect with more of them at scale. This means that, on average, employer partners are connected to 500 schools, reaching 25x more schools than employers using the Core version of Handshake.

❌ Inefficient: Traveling to, setting up, and promoting in-person events at individual schools

✅ Efficient: Scaling your events virtually

Given limited time and budget constraints, attending every recruiting event in-person does not get you the reach that a hybrid approach does. Nowadays, a blend of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events is the most efficient and strategic approach to recruiting events for any campus recruiting team. Efficient teams use hybrid tactics to engage with candidates nationwide, while doubling down on relationship building with students at strategic partner institutions in person.

Strategic campus travel framework

Going back on campus? Find out how much it really costs. Use this framework to assess costs across event and fair formats to ensure you’re getting the most ROI. Learn more.

❌ Inefficient: Manually sending individual messages to candidates
✅ Efficient: Use messaging campaigns to scale targeted outreach to thousands of candidates

On average, recruiters using Handshake’s Talent Engagement Suite used advanced messaging tools to reach over 8,000 unique candidates in 2023—or 160x more candidates than employers using the Core version of Handshake.

Strategic outreach to early talent includes message themes like introduction to your brand, sending event invitations and follow up, inviting a student to apply, and so on.

With the ability to segment your audience based on specific criteria and build messaging campaigns directed to that audience, you can pump up the quantity and/or quality of your candidate pool.

Recruiters leveraging messaging tools on Handshake were able to expand their talent pool by one qualified candidate for every 26 seconds spent on the platform.

Get best practices for messaging on Handshake.

Get proven tips for how to write recruiting messages that engage candidates along their journey and help you build stronger relationships.

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With efficiency gains, you can pivot to higher value activities

By making these adjustments to your day to day, you’ll reclaim time spent on manual work, and focus more on strategy. Efficient recruiters set their brand apart from the competition with strategies including:

  • Cultivating meaningful, authentic relationships with candidates. Consider making introductions to co-workers in your organization who are alumni or were hired into the same role and have been promoted. Learn how to improve your interview process according to Gen Z.
  • Building a stronger employer brand. Invest in employer branding to showcase company culture, values, and employee success stories to appeal to potential candidates. Another way to boost efficiency with a strong brand? Learn how you can reduce reneging.
  • Improving the early talent candidate experience. Streamline the recruitment process with timely feedback, clear communication, and a transparent application process. Learn how message follow up can set you apart.

Recruiter efficiency and proving ROI go hand in hand

Using Handshake to get more efficient can help your team realize more time, better results, and more impact. Just think of what you could test, learn, and achieve by shifting away from manual tasks, and focusing more on strategy.

Talk to us for more ways your team can reimagine your early talent acquisition strategy using Handshake Talent Engagement Suite.


In this publication, calculations are based on Handshake Platform data between 11/2022-11/2023. The average amount of time it takes users on the platform to reach candidates was calculated by averaging user time on the platform when explicitly sending a message to a student on Handshake.

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