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Top 20 industries to work in and who’s hiring now

Explore top industries for your career growth and satisfaction with this comprehensive guide, covering tech, education, healthcare and more.

Whether you are altering your current path or planning the start of your professional career, it is beneficial to consider all the best industry options. Some industries are more demanding than others and require an unbalanced work vs. personal life. Assessing which industries will provide job satisfaction and growth can help you make an informed decision.

Below we will outline the top industries to work in so that you can narrow down your options and find a job best suited for you.

How can I determine what industry job is best suited for me?

Some questions to ask yourself when picking an industry that works best for you are as follows:

  1. How important is flexibility to me?
  2. What pay range am I expecting?
  3. Will I be able to meet my career goals?
  4. What benefits does this industry offer?
  5. Does this industry have a positive reputation?

Understanding what industries can meet your expectations and provide positive career results will help you anticipate a successful career in your chosen field.

What are the best industries to work in?

  1. Information Technology (IT)
  2. Tech
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. Accounting
  6. Pharmaceutical
  7. Finance
  8. Engineering
  9. Real Estate
  10. Higher Education
  11. Sales
  12. Government
  13. Energy
  14. Retail
  15. Manufacturing
  16. Architecture
  17. Human Resources
  18. Nonprofit
  19. Transportation
  20. Hospitality

Information Technology (IT)

If you value financial stability and job security, working in the IT industry is a lucrative choice. There is currently a high demand for employees in the IT industry, which is expected to grow in the upcoming years. And if you’re looking for an industry that pays well, the median salary for IT professionals is roughly $97,430.

The industry opportunities are also vast, from creative jobs like web design to more straightforward technician and software development roles.

Here is a list of the top jobs and who is hiring in the IT industry.


If you want to enter the technology industry, ensure you are thick-skinned enough for what’s to come. A career in the tech industry requires fast, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and quality decision-making abilities.

In addition, tech offers opportunities to work in any industry. You can provide tech support in healthcare, higher education, finance, and other industries that rely on technology and automation. If you have technical skills and a particular interest in another industry, you can combine the two for your desired career.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the tech industry.


Considering U.S. healthcare is facing a labor shortage, finding job opportunities in the industry will be exceptionally straightforward, given you hold the required skills and education. The industry has a projected job growth of 13% for the next ten years.

However, it is important to ensure you are prepared to work with patients and families, which can become complicated. Many jobs in this industry require empathy, patience, compassion, and overall good judgment and communication skills with patients. If you can meet those expectations, healthcare is the industry for you.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the healthcare industry.


A career in education requires abundant patience and top-tier communication skills. Those who fit best in this industry usually have a passion for working with students of all ages and abilities. If this sounds within your capacity, you can expect a fulfilling career in this field.

Jobs in this industry will grow by 7% in the next decade. Depending on your role, the benefits of a career in education range from having summers off and a choice of working almost anywhere in the country. The only downside may be that the pay is lower. But, if you’re willing to compromise for your passion, then this is the industry for you.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the education industry.


Surprisingly, accounting jobs are easier to come by than expected. Accounting is undoubtedly the perfect industry for those proficient in math, analytics, and tech. Many companies in other industries rely on accountants to manage their businesses effectively––from healthcare to education.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the accounting industry.


Opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry are bountiful, with 28,000 new jobs available through 2031. For most well-paying pharma jobs, a bachelor's degree at minimum is required to be deemed qualified to work in the industry.

The skills needed vary from job to job, but if you're looking to get into the pharmaceutical industry, you should ensure you're skilled in working with data and IT tools.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the pharmaceutical industry.


Finance is a complex industry best suited for those problem solvers who are good with numbers and analytics. The countless benefits include versatility, good earnings potential and job prospects, and longevity.

Before entering this industry, ensure you are ready to manage high-stress levels, technology, and cybersecurity issues. If you are ready to handle these challenges, finance is an excellent opportunity to explore.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the finance industry.


With a high value placed on innovation and technology in recent years, the engineering industry has much to offer. Engineering at its core is problem-solving, so if you are passionate about creating innovative solutions, consider a role in this industry.

There is a 4% projected growth of job opportunities in everything from aerospace to biomedical to computer engineering, so if you are skilled or have a degree in engineering, you are bound to build a successful career.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the engineering industry.

Real Estate

Entering real estate requires self-motivation to generate new business, especially when you’re first establishing yourself in the industry. You must also know about sales and maintaining positive client relationships.

If you are up for this challenge, real estate––commercial or otherwise––would be an excellent opportunity for you. Work at your own pace with part-time and full-time positions available, with a projected growth of 5% in the next decade.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the real estate industry.

Higher Education

Are you interested in entering the higher education industry? Lucky for you, jobs in postsecondary education will grow 12% until 2031, and administrative roles will grow 7%. In addition, growth for part-time positions is especially strong.

Also, if you are a certified higher education professional or have niche-specific credentials, you have a higher chance of obtaining a job in this industry.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the higher education industry.


If you’re trying to launch your career in sales, you should be able to multitask and work well under pressure. In addition, you must have interpersonal skills to succeed in this industry. Though, even if you are an introvert, do not let that stop you from seeking a career in this industry––often introverts thrive in sales.

Sales skills are valuable to almost every industry, making it a very in-demand industry for job seekers. Depending on the position, salaries can range from $25k to $75k, meaning it is possible for growth in this industry.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the sales industry.


Is the government a good industry for you? If you thrive at problem-solving, diplomacy, teamwork, and leadership, you will be able to find plenty of industry opportunities. In fact, the federal government is the nation’s number one employer.

Some of the advantages of a job in the government include stability, flexibility, and good benefits. The only downsides are that the industry leads to high stress, capped earnings, and limited control.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the government.


Though niche, the energy industry offers opportunities to those passionate about or invested in the environment and energy conservation. Clean energy has been flourishing in recent years, offering countless jobs in the industry.

There are also many financial gains to be made in the industry with entry-level jobs such as transmission system operator and wind turbine technician.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the energy industry.


The ever-changing retail industry has presented more diverse job opportunities in recent years thanks to investments in technology and e-commerce. Experts believe online shopping will soar to an incredible value of $5.4 trillion by 2026.

This means a plethora of opportunities for graduates seeking opportunities in the retail industry, with jobs like purchasing associate and customer service specialist earning over $70k a year. This industry is for you if you’re excellent at customer service, have leadership qualities and emotional intelligence, and can prioritize and manage stress.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the retail industry.


Due to increased retirement and labor shortages, the manufacturing industry is seeking workers left and right. As technology integration intensifies, manufacturing has become more complex, requiring technicians to adapt to new tools and more streamlined processes.

If you have experience in engineering, operations management, industrial design, computer science, and information technology (IT), you will qualify for jobs and succeed in this industry.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the manufacturing industry.


Architecture might be a suitable industry if you consider yourself up to scratch in your creativity, focus, teamwork, and technical skills. There is an expected 3% growth in architecture industry jobs in the next decade, meaning your interest in this field can likely lead to a flourishing career.

Other essential skills to have when entering this industry include interpersonal skills–as you will often interact with clients, contractors, and others involved in the process–and an understanding of building codes and regulations. If you feel up to the challenge, consider seeking job opportunities in this industry.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the architecture industry.

Human Resources

The demand for human resources specialists will grow 8% in the next decade, above average from previous years. So, if you’re looking to enter the human resources industry, it is likely that you will find many employment opportunities.

Are you proficient in communication, problem-solving, and negotiation? Empathy, good listening, and interpersonal skills? If you have these, you will likely find a job, as almost every industry relies on human resources.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the human resources industry.

Nonprofit Resources

To work in the nonprofit sector, you must be passionate about whatever you support. Otherwise, you should find a different industry. Why? Because nonprofit organizations exist to help others. An intense passion for and commitment to the cause is essential to succeed in the industry.

Skills and experience required include project management, leadership, fundraising, and problem-solving, not to mention strong communication. However, these can be learned and improved on the job. So, if you’re passionate enough about an organization or position, this is the perfect industry for you.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the nonprofit resources industry.


Are you simply seeking promising job prospects? Roughly 10% of the U.S. labor force is in the transportation industry, employing nearly 15 million people as of 2021 and with a growth rate of 3.4%.

Knowing supply chain management, logistics, and engineering is helpful when seeking a position in the transportation industry, though only sometimes required. Sometimes, you may need specific certifications, such as a Class A CDL for commercial truckers. All in all, this industry is in high demand––if you think it's the right fit, you can find a great job in transportation.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the transportation industry.


If you’re passionate about customer service, hospitality, and travel, this industry is one you should consider. In the next decade, there are an expected 1.9 million new jobs in hospitality, so finding a career in this industry is doable if you have the right skills.

The industry opportunities in hospitality are vast––from front desk agents or travel agents to special event coordinators or marketing coordinators. Finding the right niche in hospitality that works for you might take some trial and error, but once you do, you’re bound for success.

Here are some of the top jobs and who is hiring in the hospitality industry.

Overall, job searching can be exhausting and stressful. Hopefully, this list, jam-packed with resources and tips, helped you narrow your search and make insightful, educated decisions about what comes next.

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