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Which perk is best: free snacks or working remotely?

Watch real college students weigh their options about workplace benefits.

After important details like salary and job description are squared away, one of the most exciting parts of a new job is figuring out the benefits. Naturally, some work perks prove more lucrative than others. For example, companies with benefits like unlimited PTO (paid time off) or a four-day work week will certainly tempt many applicants. So when Handshake chatted with students on campuses across the country, we couldn't help posing a hypothetical question: would you prefer a work-from-home job, or unlimited free snacks at the office?

Watch the clips below to see how respondents rank tasty treats compared to remote work. Their answers might surprise you!

When it comes to these workplace benefits, it seems there's no losing—they're each great perks! But at both Arizona State University and the University of Miami, students' tastebuds reigned supreme. Let us know in the comments on TikTok if you agree with their verdict, or if you'd choose working from home any day of the week.

Photo by Frederick Medina on Unsplash

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