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The Benefits of Virtual Meetings for Students

Real Handshake students weigh in on the value of virtual meetings.

In the age of staying at home, virtual meetings have become the go to way to talk to new people and find meaningful connections. So, what are the real benefits of virtual meetings? We spoke to Handshake student users about their favorite aspects of online meetings.

Lowers the pressure

Meeting someone face to face can be overwhelming. If it's an employer or recruiter, the stakes might seem even higher. But having that screen separating you from the other person can definitely lessen the pressure. For those who might feel more at ease in a familiar place, virtual meetings are a great way to build your network and practice for in-person meetings too.

There was a virtual career fair that I attended [as well as] some of those 1:1s or group sessions. I would definitely say it was less nerve-wracking to have virtual interviews. I would get everything set up and I'd be in my own home and my own space. And there's also a little bit of distance between you and the interviewer when it's through a screen, so it doesn't feel as nerve-wracking.

Arpita, Emory University

Maximizes your time

Keeping up with classes, internships, and jobs can be a lot by itself. College students have so many things to do, so making their own schedule virtually comes in handy.

I can see the [virtual career fair] schedule very clearly. In Handshake, when you register for a session, [it shows that] you cannot [register for another], and I think that is really helpful in avoiding that overlap because when you come to a career fair, you want to meet as many employers as possible.

Chi, Boise State

Answers your questions quickly

Because everyone is online all the time, it's not too hard to get in touch with someone. Say you had a question for an employer about a job or wanted to speak to a career advisor about classes. Virtually making time is a lot quicker than commuting to school or an office. An in-app message or an email can lead to effective, meaningful network building.

I started the conversation with the employer by using the messaging feature on Handshake. Through that, I was able to connect via email afterwards with the employer. We had great conversations even before the interview and before I got to apply so I could have any questions or concerns answered.

Emma, Fordham University

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