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Interview tips

Get to Know Your Future Employer, One-on-One

Handshake connects with you with future employers! Learn how to schedule chats with top tier employers and what to chat about.

Unlimited coffee and PTO? The ability to move up quickly? An awesome culture with even cooler employees? Chances are if you've thought about your dream job, you've thought a lot about what would make it great. But have you ever thought about what you need to get there? It's (almost) as easy as one conversation. At Handshake, we connect you with top employers across the country, so you can have that first chat that leads to your first career—your dream career.

Why should I schedule chats with employers?

Before you apply for a job, you probably want to know what it's like to work there. One-on-ones with employers give you an inside look at their culture, the people who work there, and how you'd fit in. Not to mention, it's the perfect opportunity to build meaningful connections with recruiters, hiring managers, or other employees. Remember, any number of these people could be involved in the hiring process, so this is your chance to stand out amongst other candidates.

Employers really do want to talk with you

It can be nerve-racking to send the first message or schedule the first one-on-one with an employer but rest assured, they want to hear from you. Employers on Handshake are looking to hire students just like you, so there's no need to be anxious. Both recruiters and employees self-select to talk with you, so you know the one-on-ones you set up are with people who want to chat.

We analyze your profile to recommend who you should reach out to based on things like your skills, major, and other factors like what you’ve applied to in the past, so you'll only be reaching out to employers looking for someone with your interests and skillset.

Still feeling nervous? One-on-ones on Handshake aren’t formal interviews, so you can breathe a little. Think of these more as virtual casual get-togethers to learn more about each other. Ask about their company culture, how you might fit in, and what the role you’re interested in looks like day-to-day. You’ve got this!

How do I chat with employers on Handshake?

With Handshake, you can connect with employers in a few ways. Video chats allow you to pick up on social cues and put a face to your name, so we highly suggest scheduling sessions with your favorite employers. You can do this at virtual career fairs (VCF). Here's how:

  • Attend a VCF hosted by your school and find any sessions at the fair that interest you. Find a time slot that works for you and sign up for a quick 10-minute chat with the employer, one-on-one. Be sure to do this early so you get a spot before they fill up!
  • If you want to connect outside of a VCF, you can schedule virtual info chats with recruiters or current employees. You can find these opportunities on certain jobs that are recommended for you. Just schedule a time in the slot shown on the job. You may also get a message from an employee or recruiter asking you to book a virtual info chat directly with them.

Are you ready to find your dream job? Start with a conversation. Now that you know how to schedule chats with employers you're interested in and how to impress them during your one-on-ones, we know you can do this. Let's get you your dream job!
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