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Get hired remotely, Using Handshake

The 3 High-Impact, Low-Effort Actions to Take Now on Handshake

Learn about the simple and valuable steps to finding the right job and getting hired.

There are a lot of reasons why Handshake is the best place for you to find your next job or internship. But perhaps the biggest reason: Handshake surfaces the jobs you want and connects you with employers looking for students like you. And there are a few steps you can take to greatly improve your chances of getting hired. Check out the high-impact actions that will deliver big results in your job search.

Update your Handshake profile

Completing your profile and keeping it up-to-date is absolutely critical to your success in getting hired on Handshake. The information in your profile helps you receive the most relevant job recommendations, and helps employers find you when they’re searching for job candidates.

Make sure to update the Your Interests section of your profile including:

  • Job type: select part-time job, full-time job, or internship. You can select more than one job type, and we’ll share recommendations for each.
  • Cities: choose the places that you’d like to work in or near. If you’re able to be flexible on location, add a few different cities to explore.
  • Roles: select at least three job roles that interest you. There are dozens of job role pages on Handshake that can help you learn more about popular career paths.

It’s also important to add new courses, work experience, organizations and skills as you go. The more information you include in your profile, the better your chances are of getting proactive messages from recruiters! And your job recommendations will change as you update your profile, so you’ll always see the most relevant jobs.

Save jobs that interest you

As you’re exploring recommended jobs on Handshake, save the ones that catch your eye. This will store them on your dashboard and in the Saved tab on the job search page—helping you quickly find them when you’re ready to apply.

Saving jobs also helps you because:

  • You’ll receive important notifications about saved jobs, including reminders to apply before the deadline.
  • You’ll see more relevant job recommendations. Handshake modifies recommendations based on your activity, and will surface jobs that are similar to the ones you save.

To save a job, click the bookmark icon located on the right side of the job preview or on the left hand side of the job page.

Follow employers you like

With thousands of top employers hiring students at your school on Handshake, you’re guaranteed to find great organizations you want to work for. When you see an employer that piques your interest, you’ll want to follow them for two main reasons:

  • You stay updated about the places where you want to work.You’ll receive email alerts when the employers you follow post new jobs and events on Handshake.
  • Just like saving jobs, following employers helps improve your job recommendations. The more you explore and follow employers you’d like to work for, the more relevant your recommendations become.

Just click the Follow button at the top of an employer’s page or preview card to follow them. If you’re on the Handshake app, click the star button.

Log into Handshake to get started on these three high-impact actions—and boost your job search today.

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.