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Using Handshake

5 Reasons You Need Handshake More Than Other Career Sites

Find out why Handshake is the #1 way for college students to find jobs and internships

You may be thinking, “Why should I join Handshake? I’m already using other sites to look for jobs.” Here are the top five reasons you should create your profile today:

You have the edge on Handshake

Handshake is unique because all the jobs you see are posted specifically for students, and employers are actively recruiting from YOUR school. In fact, it’s the only place that connects you, your school, and employers together. On other sites, you may feel like your application is lost in the crowd. But on Handshake, you can be confident knowing the employers are looking for students like you. So why not apply where you have an advantage?

Knowing that Handshake partners with our school, I don’t have to worry about my resume being lost in the sea, because the companies definitely want to hire students from my school.”

Sabrina, University of Michigan

Recruiters want to talk to you

The employers on Handshake are messaging students like you every day with event invites, interview requests, and new job opportunities. Last year, recruiters sent more than 16 million messages, giving students on Handshake a personal connection to the top companies hiring at their school.

“Recruiters on Handshake are reaching out to me for interviews— instead of the other way around.”

Jennifer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Jobs that are right for you

We dedicate a lot of time to making sure that Handshake can help all students find great jobs. Whether you know what you want to do or are just starting to explore potential careers, we’ll help you figure out jobs and internships that are a good fit. When you fill out your profile, we give you personalized job recommendations that match your interests and skills.

“I’ve seen lots of jobs that I don’t think I would have found on other big job websites. Handshake is definitely more tailored to students and jobs they can actually apply for.”

Eathen, Portland State University

No experience required

We know how discouraging it is to read a job posting that sounds perfect for you… until you see that previous work experience is required. That won’t happen here, because the jobs you see are only for students. Employers are on Handshake exclusively to hire students like you for jobs and internships.

Your Handshake profile lets you present a full picture of your background and experience to employers. Recruiters can see your classes, extracurriculars, projects and more—so they know you have the skills they’re looking for.

The companies you want to work for

There are thousands of employers on Handshake—more than 500,000 actually. That number may seem like a lot—and it is—but what does it mean? It means that in every state across the US, there are employers of all shapes and sizes hiring students like you. Including every Fortune 500 company, as well as startups, nonprofits and more.

If you’re ready to land the job you want, join Handshake and create your profile today!

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.