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How to land a great tech job outside the tech industry

Tech pros in hospitality and finance share how they landed amazing jobs outside of "Big Tech."

Have you ever thought about intense cybersecurity required by a major hotel chain to protect guest information across thousands of resorts worldwide? Or which experts develop the software that enables investment bankers and financial planners to serve millions of clients every day?

While hospitality and finance might not be the first industries that come to mind when you think about landing a dream tech job, there's massive demand for qualified candidates in these roles—and excitingly complex problems to tackle every day at work.

We brought together tech pros working outside of "Big Tech" to discuss career paths in their industries, moderated by Tayvion Payton: a Sr. Security Engineer at Ripple who creates career, tech, and money content on TikTok. Their insightful conversation will have you jotting down notes, and included a few spicy hot takes along the way!

  • Sarah VanDeMark, an Associate Identity Access Management Analyst for Hilton, gave her tips for finding solid mentorship, connecting with recruiters before an interview, and building cybersecurity skills to give candidates a competitive edge
  • Ashley Overman, a technical coach with Fidelity’s LEAP program—an 18 week immersive program for incoming technologists—shared her firsthand advice for landing a full-time return offer after an internship, and an enticing look into benefits offered by companies (like Fidelity) that fall outside of "Big Tech"

Watch the full session below, and be sure to check out our upcoming events for more great career tips.

Photo by Colon Freld (via Pexels)

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