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Summer Jobs for College Students in 2021

Look no further than Handshake's own guide to everything summer jobs.

If you’re looking for a way to get experience and make some extra money for the school year, look no further than a summer job! When school breaks for summer, it’s a great option for those looking to add a little something else to their resume and cover letter. From casual, part-time summer jobs to major-specific seasonal jobs, both can cultivate meaningful experiences.

Why should I get a summer job?

Getting a summer job is a great way to save up for the school year while adding to your resume experiences! Seasonal work, not just in the summer, are great ways to grow your network and skills. Students who take on summer jobs are also able to explore different career paths than they normally would. A summer internship or job is a great way to get a taste of what a certain profession is like.

What are the best summer 2021 jobs?

Besides specialized roles for certain roles like software engineer, journalist, or designer, there are some other great summer jobs for undergraduate students if you’re not sure where you want to go yet.

Six great summer jobs for college students

  1. Research Assistant
  2. Peer Tutor
  3. Sales Associate
  4. Social Media Assistant
  5. Resident Assistant
  6. Receptionist

What do summer jobs pay?

All summer jobs pay different amounts depending on which state you live in and what role you’re working. You can check the average pay for your chosen role and state at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When should I start looking for summer 2021 jobs?

If you’re wondering when to apply for summer work: the sooner that you apply, the better! If there’s a specific job you have in mind, start researching when they take applications and get in touch with them if you have questions about the process. A great time to start looking for 2021 summer jobs might be during your winter or spring break as that will provide you with an ample amount of time to research and apply.

Many jobs will ask for a resume, cover letter, and possibly a few letters of recommendation. It’s a great idea to prepare these documents now so you can save time and stress later!

How to find a summer job near me?

When searching for summer internships, entry-level or summer jobs near you, it’s always best to use the Handshake job filter and keyword search. Start by searching the available roles and entering the job title, city you want to work in, or if you would like your summer jobs to be remote.

Where can I work during the summer?

Companies on Handshake are always looking for capable candidates to hire for summer positions. Currently, there are more than 500 employers actively searching for students like you!

Some other summer jobs to consider include:

  • Tutor
  • Babysitter
  • Dog Walker
  • Research Assistant
  • Campus Ambassador

What qualities should I look for in a summer job?

If you’re looking for something to bolster your resume, then consider a summer job that will add something to your resume. Whether it be a job in an industry that you’re interested in or a job that offers skills you want to master, pick something that interests you and where you might want your career to go.

Four things to look for in a summer job:

  1. Industry skills they offer to teach
  2. Possibility for mentorship
  3. Location and convenience
  4. If the role if part-time or full-time

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