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Using Handshake

Find Entry Level Jobs Near You with Handshake

A how-to guide for finding work nearby using Handshake’s features.

Wondering why your Google search for “jobs near me” isn’t giving the results you’d expect?

It’s probably because you’re running a query for just about every business now hiring! You can find thousands of local entry-level jobs based on your location this way, but you’ll likely have trouble filtering the ones you qualify for — or the ones you’re really looking for.

Enter Handshake, the online platform that’s partnered with many college career services centers to help you find what’s best near you.

When running the search for your next job, try filtering by:

Full-time, part-time, internship, or on-campus

When starting your search on Handshake, you’ll notice these four options right below the “search” and “location” fields. This gives you endless opportunities to search by job title, employer, or keywords near you.

Job type

In addition to the usual career buckets listed above, you can filter jobs even further to get really specific. Some examples include experiential learning, volunteering, and fellowships. You can also separate these types by paid roles, work study, and whether they’re hosting interviews on campus. The last option is particularly useful when exploring local opportunities affiliated with your college.

Employer preferences

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of job you can get based on your major, starting school year, graduation date, and GPA, this is where you can explore those options. Don’t let your niche major and high GPA go to waste! Odds are, someone out there will need your specific set of skills during summer grad season.

Work authorization

Looking for a sponsor? Don’t have your US work visa? You can make the most of your F-1 status by only looking at employers who are currently hiring international students.


From farming, ranching, and fishing to management consulting, Handshake has a comprehensive list of industries to search from. Pick as many or as few as you’d like and we’ll match your search to those industries.

Job function

You can filter by the general tasks you will commit to in your career. This is where you choose the attributes closest to the job description/title you have in mind.


Filtering by major is very different from filtering by preferred major under the employer preferences section. If you want to see the full potential of your degree, this is where you can plug your major in. You’d be surprised at how many employers in the finance business are looking for anthropology majors (something many students don’t expect). Your major doesn’t have to determine your career — this is the place that proves it.


Lastly, if you’re set on working at your local startup or a downtown investment bank, this is where you can hone your search. We recommend entering as many employers as possible, at least for your original search, to better understand the job environment based on your filters of preference.

And that’s how you can optimize your search beyond just the basic “jobs near me” on Handshake. Feel free to mix and match as many filter options as possible for a personalized search that will help you quickly find the right job!

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.