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Using Handshake

College Grads: Find a Job Using Handshake's Filter Functions

A how-to guide for you to find the right job using Handshake’s features.

Congrats, you’ve graduated! Or, at least you’re almost there. But are you hired yet?

Whether or not you have a plan in place to seek full-time entry level employment or an internship, check out Handshake for help continuing your career path beyond graduation. Finding employers who are specifically seeking recent graduates can be a daunting process. Handshake has several filters you can use to find great opportunities both locally and nationally.

One of those filters is the “employer preferences” filter. When you search for a job on Handshake, be sure to expand the employer preferences filter options. You’ll notice a few things when you expand this filter:

  • Major: Ready to show off what you can do with your new bachelor’s degree? Search for opportunities based on your major for a close match to your ideal career. If you’re unsure whether you want to pursue a career in your major, you don’t have to be anxious about being tied down. Your major does not always define your career! Finding internships, volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, and other experiences have a much more significant impact on your career.
  • School year: You might not expect your school year to have an effect on your employment, but it does! If your college introduced a new groundbreaking research program as part of your major during the same year you started, you may have a higher chance with employers looking for innovative graduates.
  • Graduation date: Employment is based on seasonal trends. For companies that prefer to hire college graduates, you can expect their peak onboarding season during the summer when new grads hit the job market. Use this feature to filter by employers who are ready to hire when you graduate.
  • GPA: According to U.S. News, “Most professionals who did well in college tend to regard a strong GPA as an indicator that a potential employee can handle pressure, learns quickly and is motivated to succeed.” It’s not a deal-breaker if your GPA is below a 3.0 (the minimum threshold for including your GPA on your resume), but filtering by GPA can save you a lot of time. If an employer goes out of their way to post a GPA requirement, you can expect the requirements to be firm.

These are the filters you need as a college graduate (or soon-to-be grad) to find your next job. If you want to learn more about filters and search options available to you on Handshake, check out our guide on finding entry level jobs near you!

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.