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Step Up Your Handshake Profile With Our Easy Weekly Challenge

Do just one thing each week to prepare your profile for fall recruitment season.

Stuck inside and still stumped about how to use your summer for more than just Netflix marathons and endless scrolling? That’s where our "Step Up Your Profile" summer challenge comes in. Each week, we'll provide you with one easy task to help bring your Handshake to the next level. That's it—do just one thing each week, and you'll be beyond prepared by the time fall recruiting begins. ⁠And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to get reminders for each week’s task!

If you're less of a "live life by the calendar" type, don't worry. The steps below don't need to be a strict order of business; you can simply use them as a general guide to completing your profile and optimizing your Handshake experience.

Week 1: Add your spring classes

Week one is as easy as pulling up your transcript: just add your classes from the past term to your profile! Recruiters can search for candidates based on completed coursework, so adding Intro to Programming or Business Comms 101 to your roster before entering full summer chill mode could pay off come recruitment season.

Week 2: Update your job type preferences

Week two of our challenge is all about job types. Make sure to log in and update your Handshake profile with the most accurate job type that you're looking for—for new grads, that might mean changing your preference from "internship" or "part-time" over to "full-time." This is a super simple change that you can make at any time, so be sure that your job type preferences are always reflective of your current wants and needs! And if you have a hard time picking a single job type, don't worry: you can select more than one, and we’ll share recommendations for each.

Week 3: Update your current (and future!) location preferences

Week three is about location, location, location. Log in and update your Handshake profile with the location(s) where you're interested in working, both now and in the future! If you're currently searching for internships in Houston and Raleigh, but also open to living in Chicago, Philadelphia, or New York City, you can include all five in your preferences. This helps employers find you, and ensures that your job recommendations are relevant! And don't forget—you can update these preferences at any time, so don't be shy about adding cool cities to your list.

Week 4: Update your resume file(s)

Week four is the perfect opportunity to update your resume to reflect your current experience, skills, and organizations. Having a resume ready and uploaded to #JoinHandshake means that you can apply to most jobs in just a few clicks — simply hit "apply," attach your resume, then submit! ⁠

If you're applying to a few different job types or industries, don't sweat it — you can upload multiple resumes to your profile, so don't be afraid to customize! That means you can optimize one resume for financial management, one for investment banking, and another one for business administration. When it comes time to apply for jobs, simply choose which resume to attach.

Week 5: Add five skills to your profile

This week’s task is simple: add five skills to your Handshake profile. Your skills showcase what makes you special, whether it's mastery of Photoshop, a knack for social media, a specific programming language proficiency, or something else that you have to offer prospective employers.

Week 6: Add a club, organization, or volunteer activity to your profile

For this week’s challenge, think back on the activities you participated in while on campus. Were you a part of Greek life, a dance troupe, a sports team, a theater group, a cultural heritage union, or maybe a business club? Did you volunteer for any projects in your spare hours? If any of these apply to you, add them to your profile.

Week 7: Save three interesting jobs

For week seven, we’re going to work on optimizing your recommendations from Handshake. Did you know that the jobs you see at the top of your job and internship listing results (before you enter any keywords) are actually our personalized recommendations for you? And these suggestions get even smarter the more you engage with listings, by clicking, saving, and applying. To help train Handshake to surface even better recommended opportunities for you, save a few jobs or internships that are up your alley this week.

Week 8: Follow a new employer

Much like last week, week eight’s task will help train the Handshake algorithm to bring you even better recommendations this fall. By following an employer you like, you’re not only letting us know which types of companies you’re interested in, but you’ll also get important notifications about that employer. Once you’ve hit “follow,” you’ll get an email notification when that employer will be hosting or attending an event that you’re eligible to join. You will also be notified when they list a new job for students at your school!

Week 9: Register for a virtual event

As fall approaches, recruitment will look a bit different. Handshake data shows that most universities will be engaged in a virtual strategy this fall, which means many career fairs, interviews, and information sessions will be taking place online. Get a head start on connecting with employers online by registering for a virtual event on Handshake this week!

Week 10: Apply for a job or internship

Now that you’ve spent all summer preparing your Handshake profile for this fall and beyond, it’s time to put your newly stepped-up profile to the test. Apply to a job or internship—or several—this week and get ahead on the fall recruiting season!

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