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Your Guide to Internships in Raleigh

Looking for paid summer internships in Raleigh? Start with this comprehensive guide.

Besides fulfilling your childhood dreams of living in an exciting city, interning in Raleigh is a great launchpad for your career. Raleigh is known for science and aerospace internships and has a rich and vibrant aerospace, automotive, and intern scene.

Summer internships provide you with many valuable experiences, giving a real taste of what it’ll be like to work in your preferred industry down the line. You’ll connect with potential mentors, learn trade secrets, and build relationships with coworkers with a range of expertise. Internships beef up resumes, provide valuable avenues to letters of recommendation, and can even turn into full-time jobs. If you consider all of these perks of interning and add the benefit of exploring a diverse city that’s full of opportunities, you have a very compelling list of reasons to intern in Raleigh. Continue reading along for tips on how to find the best paid summer 2021 or fall internships in Raleigh.

Tips for your resume and profiles

Before you get started on sending out applications, make sure that you have your resume up to date and have fully filled out all your Handshake profile details. With a complete profile, an impressive Raleigh internship is more attainable than ever. Recruiters are much more likely to message a student with a complete profile that says you want to work in Raleigh than an unfinished one.

Tips for your internship interview

When you do land your first interview, be it a virtual interview or in person, make sure to come prepared and dressed to impress. Review your resume and cover letter to make sure you have specific examples of your experience to share, from clubs or coursework. You can even schedule a mock interview with your university’s career center or, if you’re tight on time, ask a trusted friend to grill you on some common interview questions.

Tips for networking at college internships in Raleigh

Once you’ve landed an internship in Raleigh and settled into the flow of day-to-day life at the office, start chatting with your coworkers. Whether they’re industry professionals or fellow interns, it’s important to treat them with equal respect. You never know what insights they could lend, or who could be a valuable connection down the line, five or ten years from now. Don’t be afraid to ask your new colleagues out for quick coffee chats, or request 15-minute informational interviews about their career trajectory.

Want more tips for getting the most out of your internship?

Looking for specific advice before your internship begins? Or are you hungry for further information even after your internship is over? A good way to delve even deeper into your career path growth is to attend a virtual event or two. Not only will you be learning more about your own career, but there will also be chances to network with employers, industry specialists, and other students sharing different perspectives.

Where can I find an internship in Raleigh?

Here is a list of employers looking for interns in Raleigh, including some of the best companies to intern for in Raleigh:

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a leading investment bank and financial services company.

  • Industry: Investment & Portfolio Management
  • Types of roles: Auditors, Business Analysts and Management Consultants, Investment Banking Analysts
  • Recommended applicants: Apply for a Credit Suisse internship if you’re majoring in business or entrepreneurship, or have taken applicable courses in economics or finance.

APCO Worldwide

APCO Worldwide is an independent public relations firm.

  • Industry: Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Types of roles: Accountants, Public Relation Managers
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at APCO Worldwide if you’re majoring in advertising or accounting, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.

Teach for America

Teach for America is non-profit organization with a focus in developing the nation’s future leaders.

  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Types of roles: Education Administrators, High School Teachers, Social and Community Service Managers
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at Teach for America if you’re majoring in education or business, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.


Acquire is a full services marketing company.

  • Industry: Advertising, PR & Marketing
  • Types of roles: Business Analysts, Sales Agents and Managers, Brand Ambassadors
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at Acquire if you’re majoring in marketing, writing, or business, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.


Aerotek is a high quality staffing agency.

  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Types of roles: Marketing Managers, Customer Success and Account Managers. Sales Agents
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at Aerotek if you’re majoring in marketing or business, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.

Applied Research Association

The Applied Research Association is an international research and engineering company.

  • Industry: Scientific and Technical Consulting
  • Types of roles: Civil Engineers, Geologists, Software Engineers
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at the Applied Research Association if you’re majoring in engineering or science, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.

Insight Global

Insight Global is a national staffing and services company specializing in sourcing information for accounting, tech, and others.

  • Industry: Human Resources
  • Types of roles: Advertising and PR Managers, Human Resources, Sales Agents
  • Recommended applicants: Consider applying for an internship at Insight Global if you’re majoring in accounting, PR, or computer science, or if you’ve taken courses in applicable areas.

Tips and tricks to surviving your Raleigh internship

If you’re a transplant or even if you’ve called Raleigh home forever, it never hurts to review advice for living in the city during your internship. After you’ve figured out how to get an internship in Raleigh, think about the other parts of your internship journey.

Buy a GoRaleigh pass

No matter where your apartment is located or where you’re commuting to, if you aren’t bringing your car, you’re almost always going to need public transportation to get there. Purchasing a GoRaleigh pass is highly recommended to make reloading funds a breeze.

If you’re frequently commuting and feeling savvy, go for the 31-day pass! You’ll be able to mindlessly ride the metro during your commute hours and won’t have to think about counting out your cash every time you board.

Don’t get (too) lost, download TransLoc Rider

This app will help get you oriented to the city and find the right connections to wherever you’re going.

3 essential Raleigh restaurants to try during your internship

  1. Brewery Bhavana
  2. Boulted Bread
  3. Beasley’s Chicken + Honey

Things to experience during your time in Raleigh

  1. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
  2. North Carolina Museum of Art
  3. Pullen Park
  4. William B. Umstead State Park

3 neighborhoods to considering living in during your Raleigh internship

  1. Oberlin Village
  2. College Park
  3. Cameron Park

How do I find an apartment in Raleigh?

Consider these resources to help your Raleigh apartment search:

  2. Zillow
  3. Trulia
  4. Craigslist
  5. Join a Raleigh Housing, Rooms, Apartments, and Sublets group on Facebook

Where to order food from in Raleigh

  1. DoorDash
  2. GrubHub
  3. Postmates
  4. EatStreet
  5. Check out your neighborhood’s local delivery restaurants

Finding an internship in Raleigh

How do I find the best paid internships in Raleigh?

When searching for a paid internship in Raleigh, it’s key to use the location filters provided on Handshake. You’ll be able to pinpoint internships exactly where you want to intern just by selecting the city you want in the search bar. Easy internships in Raleigh are just a search away.

You can also research top companies in Raleigh by visiting our list of Handshake employers and typing Raleigh into the “Location” search bar. This way you’ll be able to see employers in your desired location. Once on the company’s page, you can read reviews from students who have interned there or study up on some interview questions.

Where do interns live in Raleigh?

To find rentals, many interns use resources like, Zillow, and other sites specifically for apartment hunting. If you have any connections in the city, it’s also always good to consider those first.

To start your hunt, try searching in popular neighborhoods like Oberlin Village, College Park, or Cameron Park.

How can an intern live in Raleigh?

Moving to a new city is equal parts exciting and nerve wracking–make sure you have all your details squared away for your internship before you pack your bags.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have you checked out tips on how to land an internship?
  • Do you need your internship to provide compensation?
  • Are you renting in an affordable neighborhood?
  • Are you comfortable using the metro frequently?
  • Will the food options available work for you?

How can I get an internship without experience in Raleigh?

If you don’t have previous experience and want to kickstart your first internship in Raleigh, don’t fret! There are definitely ways to land that role you’ve had your eyes on. Raleigh internships want you!

Start by reviewing your resume! Read it over a couple of times and then consider the types of internships you’re going to be applying for. Think back to courses you’ve taken at university, as well as any extracurriculars, volunteer work, or even organizations (clubs or greek life for example) that you’ve participated in. Organize the skills that you’ve gained from those experiences and add them to your resume and Handshake profile. Even though you might not have held an internship or job before, there are still ways to prove your worth through other skills and experiences.

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.