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Discovering your career

Start your career with a simple “hello”

Finding a job can be stressful and time-consuming—but it doesn’t have to be. Rethink how you search for and apply to jobs with Handshake. It all starts with a single word: Hello.

Connect one-on-one with employers quickly to see what roles they have available, what career path makes the most sense for you, and how your new connections can help you land that coveted position you’ve been dreaming of.

How will one-on-ones help me understand my career path and find my dream job?

When you meet with an employer on Handshake, you get their undivided attention for 10-15 minutes. Ask questions about company culture, open roles, how you might fit in, and anything else that’s on your mind to gain clarity into what exactly you want.

Unsure of your career path or what role would be the best fit for you? We suggest getting clarification from the employer you're meeting. Here are a few starter questions:

  • What’s the day-to-day like for this role, and what responsibilities would I have?
  • What’s the typical career path for someone starting in this role?
  • What skills do I need to be successful, and what skills should I start building up now?

Employers will give you an inside view of what it’s like to work there and offer insights into whether you’d enjoy the culture and the role. Be sure to share your professional goals and interests with the recruiter to help them better understand if you’d be a good fit.

Why should I chat with an employer on Handshake?

Employers on Handshake are looking to hire students just like you, which is why they’re so eager to connect with you. But taking the time to chat with employers can be beneficial for you too!

We’ve all heard about the Apples and Googles of the world that seem to have incredible cultures, awesome perks, and are true innovators. But what’s it really like to work at these companies—and are there other cool companies out there that you’ve never even heard of? The recruiters or employees you’ll virtually meet with can give you that insider view of their culture, what it means to work at their company, and what roles you’d enjoy.

Get comfortable talking about yourself

While these quick sessions are more like informal conversations, they can be a great way to build your confidence around talking about yourself. Can you describe what you’re looking for, your experience, and your skills in a minute? If not, craft an elevator pitch and use these one-on-ones as a chance to practice it.

As you meet with more employers, you’ll build powerful connections. Be sure to leverage these! If there’s a role you’re interested in, ask the employee or recruiter you met with to refer you. Want to meet more employees at that same company? Ask your connection to introduce you.

One-one-ones are the perfect way to learn about your career path, get an inside view of your potential employer, and, ultimately, secure your dream job. You’ll be able to practice and perfect your elevator pitch, so when interview time comes around, you nail it. Ready to start scheduling your one-on-ones? Get started on Handshake.

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.