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Expert advice for scoring a career in gaming

Recruiters and career pros discuss early career opportunities in the gaming industry — from development to art and beyond!

If you've ever played a game that simply took your breath away and wondered how you could do it for a living, you're in the right place. During a recent student event, Handshake brought together industry experts to discuss how to launch a career in the gaming industry. Morgan Ling—a game dev with experience at Riot Games and Amazon Games, podcast co-host of Blood, Sweat, and Games, and TikTok creator—led a lively, career-focused conversation with panelists from different roles in the industry. Some sneak peeks:

  • Cianna Robinson, a User Research Moderator at Activision, shared how she susses out red flags when interviewing for games industry roles
  • Beatrice Ribiero Dos Santos, a Quest Designer at Blizzard, revealed whether working in the industry leads to gaming burnout
  • Ed Tien, a Senior Recruiter for Early Careers and Tech Recruiting Lead at Activision Blizzard, spilled the tea about whether gaming recruiters actually read your cover letter

Check out the full recording below to learn details about what types of roles you can find in gaming, how to make your application stand out, and whether you should include your gamertag on your resume. (Spoiler alert: it doesn't hurt!)

Photo by ELLA DON on Unsplash

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