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How Do I Get A Sports Internship?

Wondering how to get a sports internship while still in undergrad? Check out our tips for finding and securing sports internships.

If you’re interested in some type of sports internship and don’t know exactly where to start, fear not! There are so many different types of professions in sports that there’s certainly a sports internship that’s right for you. Sports internships allow you to work in a specialized industry in a role that engages and excites you. From team management to physical therapy to public relations, there’s so many different kinds of internships to choose from for your summer 2021 sports internship.

What does a sports intern do?

Sports interns are all concerned with tasks that have to do with their specialized field of focus. For example, a sports management intern would be focused more on planning and organizing, whereas a sports marketing intern would focus on promotion and strategy. At any sports internship, you’ll be learning valuable skills and insights about your chosen field.

How do I find a sports internship?

If you’re wondering how to get an internship in sports for summer 2021, try looking on Handshake under the filtered search “sports internships near me.” Handshake allows you to really focus on sports focused employers where you might want to work and even network with past interns who might also be alumni from your school.

How do I get a sports internship with no experience?

If you’re interested in getting a sports internship, but have no prior experience, it’s key to play to your strengths and show that you’re eager to learn. You can search for sports internships on Handshake to first get a feel of the requirements that they usually list for their interns. After that, list in your resume and cover letter experiences and previous roles you’ve had where the skills translate over. For example, if you’ve taken a sports marketing course or have had experience in a similar field, mention it!

When should I start applying for sports internships?

For most positions, sooner searching for your internship rather than later! If you are planning to have a summer sports internship, we recommend starting to look for internship positions no later than the season prior. Many industries prefer to recruit as early as the fall, so staying up to date on fall virtual career fairs will be helpful in securing a role! Each company has different deadlines for applications, so sooner is usually better! If you’re searching for a role during the school year, it’s best to get on applying 3-6 months prior so you can inform your internship of your other obligations and classes.

It’s also really important to keep in mind that your university’s career services center will have great insight about specific recruitment periods at your school. Make sure to sign up for a meeting with your career advisor at the start of the school year for additional help in planning ahead!

How much do sports interns make?

Because the industries that require sports interns vary, there’s no standard answer for a sports internship pay scale. If you’re wondering how much your sports internship will pay, it might be best to inquire directly with the company you’re considering taking an internship with.. Some internship programs will offer only class credits, while many others are more keen to compensate their interns with an hourly rate or a set stipend.

What skills are relevant for sports interns?

  • Great initiative
  • Ability to both lead and work in a team
  • Organization
  • Creative thinking

Where do sports interns work?

Sports interns can take their learnings and work into many different job roles like Sports Marketing Managers, Sports Editors, Public Relation Managers, and Sports Economists. They also can work for many different types of companies, like our constantly growing list of employers hiring now.

How do I write a cover letter for an internship?

Take a look at some great cover letter writing tips to boost your confidence and ace your internship application! And if you need a place to start, try our free cover letter template download here, or reach out to your school’s career center for personalized cover letter guidance.

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