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Job Roles

Explore Job Roles: Marketing Managers

Learn about the average salary, relevant studies, related questions, and common path after college to becoming a Marketing Manager.

What is a Marketing Manager?

Marketing Managers oversee the promotional efforts of a company through marketing and advertising campaigns. They manage the research, planning, strategy, and execution of the company's marketing initiatives, which ultimately aim to increase sales or brand awareness.

Where does a Marketing Manager work?

  • Tech companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations

How much does a Marketing Manager make?

Based on real new grad salaries reported through Handshake, the median annual salary for a Marketing Managers is $47,000.

What majors are typically interested in becoming Marketing Managers?

One’s major doesn’t necessarily determine their career, but these are some common majors of those who end up pursuing this career path.

  • Marketing majors
  • Advertising majors
  • Communications majors

Marketing Manager skills and competencies:

On top of a relevant degree and formal training, here are some professional skills that can help aspiring Marketing Managers succeed in their work:

  • Leadership
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Creativity
  • Good understanding of market trends

What are some common questions about Marketing Managers?

Q: How do I become a Marketing Manager?

A: Once you’ve secured an entry level marketing position, start looking for a mentor to help guide and advise you. Talk to your manager about your goals and the trajectory you might want to take. This way you’ll build both professional relationships and gain valuable marketing experience that will help you down the line.

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