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Your guide to building a high-tech role in any industry

Experts from L'Oréal, General Motors, and Handshake share advice for building an innovative tech career outside of "Big Tech."

In today’s market, you can build an innovative tech career in any industry. Programming, AI, cybersecurity, IT, and other technical skills are in hot demand everywhere—not just Silicon Valley! Handshake recently brought together experts to discuss building an innovative tech role in industries like automotive, beauty, and beyond.

During the panel, our experts discussed the variety of roles available for tech jobseekers across industries, gave advice for how to network early in your career search, and more.

  • Anantha Kancherla, Vice President of ADAS Software at General Motors, revealed which courses he'd take as a student today, and explained the innovative technology his teams develop in advanced driver assistance software at General Motors
  • Leah Fernandez, Manager of Digital Accessibility & Tech for Good at L’Oréal, shared why you should always "shoot your shot" as a tech applicant, how human-centered thinking can help in any tech role, and what motivated her to pivot into the world of digital accessibility
  • Amna Pervez, Lead HRBP for Design, Product, Engineering, and Marketing at Handshake, gave tips for making a great impression during your first role and dug into how diverse industry backgrounds strengthen tech teams

Enjoy the full session below, and be sure to check out our upcoming events for more great career search tips.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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