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Hiring on Handshake

These are the best employers to work for in 2023

Learn more about the winners of this year’s Handshake Early Talent Awards

If you're in the market for a job or internship, you can't go wrong with starting your search with a winner! Thanks to the 2023 Early Talent Awards, Handshake's annual celebration of employers who are leading the way with Gen Z, you can discover dozens of award-winning organizations who want to hire candidates just like you. Explore the list of winners broken down by industry here, and don't forget to give them a follow on Handshake to get notified whenever they post a job you might like.

What are the Handshake Early Talent Awards?

The third annual Handshake Early Talent Awards (ETAs) spotlight the top employers that are powering the future of work. These are the 180 employers (out of over 750k organizations) on Handshake that provide the most meaningful pathways to stellar internship and early career opportunities. The ETAs honor innovative, visionary employers that drive the next generation of early talent recruiting on Handshake—the #1 place to launch a career with no connections, experience, or luck required. This annual awards program recognizes employers for best-in-class talent engagement and celebrates the top workplaces that attract Gen Z.

What's new for the 2023 ETAs?

This year, the Early Talent Awards slate also features 10 standout "Tech Transformers"—employers who are expanding access to opportunity to amazing tech careers, outside of the tech sector. These Tech Transformers are: Amtrak, Chevron, Fidelity Investments, General Motors, Hilton, The Home Depot, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase & Co., National Security Agency, and The New York Times

What do these awards mean for me?

In short, you can consider the ETAs winner title an indicator of quality. When you apply to a role with a one-time, two-time, or even three-time winner, you know you’re dealing with an organization that has consistently impressed your peers and earned their seal of approval. If you’ve attended a career fair or event, responded to an employer, or engaged with alumni on Handshake, your participation weighed in on identifying these winners!

Where can I see who won?

You can explore the full list of winners (and why students love them!) here, then head to this list to follow them on Handshake and get notified whenever there’s a new role or event from them that might interest you.

How can I get hired by an ETAs winner?

After you follow the winners on Handshake, check out our tips for success using Handshake to land a job or internship:

Find the right jobs for you. Get hired.