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Hiring on Handshake

Follow these award-winning employers on Handshake

Get notified when Handshake Early Talent Award winners post a job, attend an event at your school, and more.

If you’ve seen the hype around the 2023 Handshake Early Talent Awards, you’re probably wondering: what does this mean for me? You can learn more about the selection process for awarding winning employers here, but to make it brief: these winners are considered some of the best places to launch your career.

Based on our strict evaluation of four key categories, we know that these organizations go above and beyond to connect and engage with great candidates. Basically, they’re institutions where any college student or new grad should consider applying for jobs and internships! So, we’ve made it easy for you to do just that.

In this post, you’ll see all of this year’s Handshake Early Talent Award winners broken down by industry category. Simply click the link to navigate to each winner’s Handshake profile, where all you’ll need to do is hit the “favorite” or "follow" button at the top of their page (or preview card) to be notified when they post a job, attend an event at your school, and more!

Why follow employers?

Simply put, because it helps increase your chances of getting noticed. Beyond getting notifications about new job posts and events, following employers you like will also help improve your job recommendations. These suggested opportunities become even more relevant as you follow more employers, so don’t be shy about following a lot from this list! Plus, when an employer views your profile, they can see that you follow them. Showing mutual interest in their organization could help you receive a message or virtual event invitation.

So get your “follow” finger ready and prepare to find some amazing new places to work. Enjoy!


Architecture, Real Estate, & Construction

Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation

Banking & Financial Services


Energy, Oil, & Gas

Education & Nonprofit

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals



Professional Services

CPG & Food


Software & Technology

Transportation & Logistics


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