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Experts define 401(k), L&D, and other benefits you need to know

Consider this a "Benefits 101" crash-course in all the things they don't teach in school

Ever felt lost when scrolling a job listing’s benefits and compensation section? 401(k). PPO/HMO. Professional development. FSA/HSA. It can feel like you need a dictionary just to decode the basics… so we’re here to help. Handshake brought together a panel of experts to demystify the world of “benefits,” decoding the different work perks out there to help you understand total compensation beyond the salary. We broke down the essentials and shed light on up-and-coming benefits to help you build your job search vocabulary and navigate your career path. Health plans, retirement options, and beyond—this panel has got you covered.

  • David Levinson, Managing Director of Strategy, People, and Operations at Teach For America, gave advice for building a meaningful career aligned with your core values, networking, and taking best advantage of learning and development opportunities at work
  • Paloma Thombley, Chief Human Resources Officer at Handshake, broke down common retirement benefits, shared her predictions for the future of benefits programs, and gave tips for growth in your career path
  • Grant Quibell, Director of Business Consulting at Sequoia, broke down the difference between PPOs and HMOs, spoke on trends in the broader compensation space, and spilled about the benefit he thinks is most underrated (and underutilized!)

Enjoy the full session below, and be sure to check out our upcoming events for more great career search tips. And if you're navigating your own job search, should consider making an appointment with your school’s career center for personalized guidance, especially around navigating offers and understanding specifics! They’re pros who are eager to help.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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