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Handshake student stories

From Banking Internship to Full-Time Job Offer

Hyun-Soo Seo shares how her previous Deutsche Bank internship turned into a full-time job.

In this current state of remote learning and working, you might worry that options for finding internship opportunities are few and far between. However, by following a few steps and checking out companies that are hiring, you can set yourself up for an easier application and interview process.

Like many other Handshake student stories, Hyun-Soo’s began with a straightforward application process and a valuable internship experience that followed.

“While I was a student, I worked multiple jobs and often had difficulty attending on-campus career fair events. However, Handshake allowed me to apply to jobs quickly and on my own time. The deadline notifications and reminders were particularly helpful.”

As her spring 2019 semester at University of Michigan wrapped up, she embarked on her first summer internship at Deutsche Bank as an analyst intern. Her internship allowed her to gain valuable skills and trade knowledge in a professional field that wasn’t directly related to her organizational studies major.

Going virtual

After her internship ended, Hyun-Soo began her final year at University of Michigan. However, like many others, during March of this year classes became remote–shifting real life to online and pushing students to come up with new ways to adapt.

“I would say take a lot of study breaks and take a lot of time to just ground yourself in your environment,” Hyun-Soo says when asked about succeeding in a remote environment. “You’re not in school so you may be working where you sleep.”

But even while adapting to the new status quo and focusing on graduating on time, Hyun-Soo also secured herself a full time job offer at the same time.

Securing an offer

By reaching back out to the recruiter from her previous internship at Deutsche Bank, she notified the company of her interest and later was told that there was an open position for her. This fall Hyun-Soo will begin her journey as Corporate Banking Analyst, diving headfirst into new and exciting ways to grow her already blossoming career. Hyun-Soo’s experience illustrates the importance of developing and cultivating relationships in addition to showcasing your skills, abilities and enthusiasm for learning as an intern.

“I'm really excited to learn about the financial industry and the kind of work I'll be doing for the different stakeholders. I don't necessarily have a strict finance background or the most experience in finance, so I'm just excited to learn more about a field that I didn't get to learn as much about as I wanted to in school and explore a whole new industry,” she says about her upcoming role. Congratulations, Hyun-Soo!

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