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Hiring on Handshake

iBanks that are investing in students on Handshake today

Discover investment banks hiring college students and recent grads.

Landing a gig in investment banking can be an incredible kickstart to any young professional’s banking or finance career. As an intern or entry-level employee at an investment bank, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the industry, network with experts in the field, and form many valuable connections with clients, colleagues, and more. Sound like a dream come true? Well, it’s your lucky day; many investment banks are actively recruiting college students and recent alumni, and they’re doing it on Handshake. If you’re wondering how to get an investment banking internship, start with this list of employers to consider.

Ahead, learn more about investment banks featured in our massive list of employers that are actively hiring, then log into your Handshake profile to see which specific opportunities are available for you.

Bank of America

What do students say about working for Bank of America? A 2019 investment banking summer analyst for BofA recalled their experience in a Handshake review: “I liked the freedom you had to explore the company. I was able to connect with people from various sectors of the firm for informational interviews. In this process, I found that the BoA community is very supportive of their new analyst and the people at the firm truly do care about your success whether or not it is with BoA.”


What is the culture like at Citi? One Handshake reviewer described the environment as “challenging yet supportive,” explaining: “You’re surrounded by intelligent people, and you’re encouraged to talk to everyone and learn as much as possible during the internship.” Another reviewer provided similar feedback: “It is a very friendly and team-oriented environment. I have been given the opportunity to learn a lot and make some meaningful contributions. Most people who work here are very approachable and willing to help and teach what they know.”

Credit Suisse

How can students succeed at Credit Suisse? When asked what qualities will help Credit Suisse employees succeed at work, a past investment banking summer analyst replied: “Attitude, aptitude, and availability. Show that you are interested, get along with your team members, always see how you can help, and have an awareness of how you fit in with the group. Do your work, show up on time, and network with everyone on your team.”

Morgan Stanley

What do students like about working for Morgan Stanley? A former wealth management intern reviewed their experience on Handshake, citing an amazing team of leaders: “The team that I worked with was amazing. Not only were they professional experts in their fields, but were always willing to help me learn more and get me engaged. This led to a great experience and let me really enjoy my time working there with them.”

Deutsche Bank

How does working at Deutsche Bank help students? One former analyst at DB believes that it’s the perfect place to kickstart your career in banking and finance, writing: “Deutsche Bank is a good place to kickstart a career as Analyst. Firstly, Deutsche Bank is one of the leading global universal bank, making it recognized and a strong brand to work for and adding real value to your resume. Secondly, you would be working with some of the greatest minds in the industry which helps you in being passionate, motivated and embrace new challenges. Thirdly, Deutsche Bank has many resources and training programs for its employees which encourages constant learning and update their knowledge helping analyst to polish their skills. Lastly, for analysts Deutsche Bank gives great opportunity to take initiatives, provide value and improve the process which help develop your leadership and innovation qualities.”


What do students like about working for HSBC Bank? When reviewing their experience at their summer analyst internship on Handshake, one past investment banking summer analyst wrote that they enjoyed the level of responsibility: “Lots of valuation experience and worked closely with senior management. I was treated like a real first year analyst and given a lot of responsibilities. It was flexible and a lot of opportunity for growth and learning.”

Jefferies LLC

What is it like to intern at Jefferies LLC? A 2018 summer intern reviewed their experience on Handshake, praising the firm’s rotating program: “I enjoyed the fast-paced environment of investment banking; while the hours were often long, each day was totally different from the one prior, and I feel that I gained invaluable experience from my summer internship. The work that I was doing was interesting, relevant, and was important, and I enjoyed the responsibility that came with it. Jefferies also has a generalist rotating internship program, so I was able to work in a number of different groups and see a lot of different companies.”

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