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Activision Blizzard King's guide to leveling up your gaming career

Tips from the pros for scoring your dream career, no cheat codes required.

There might be strategy guides out there for beating your favorite games, but unfortunately there's no how-to manual for scoring a job or internship in gaming. At least, there wasn't—until we brought together a superstar panel of pros from Activision Blizzard King to share all their insider tips for landing an S-tier games industry career.

Arin Goldsmith, Sr. Talent Marketing Specialist at Blizzard, facilitated a lively conversation about each stage of the gaming industry hiring process: from choosing your career quest, to securing the payload offer, to beating the final level (read: impressing your boss). The panelists touched on industry best practices, company culture at Activision Blizzard, and other things to keep in mind while you navigate the hiring process.

  • Ed Tien, Senior Recruiter for ABK Early Careers, gave an inside scoop into how to impress recruiters with personal projects on your resume—and whether writing a cover letter is worth it
  • Noura El Bayrouti, Associate Software Engineer at Activision, shared why she thinks game jams are an essential skill-building resource for aspiring games hires
  • Megan Stewart, Associate Character Artist at Blizzard, revealed whether or not you get to play games at work when you work in gaming, and encouraged jobseekers not to give up during the competitive application process

Enjoy the full session below, and be sure to check out our upcoming events for more great career search tips.

Photo by Yan Krukau via Pexels

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