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Interview tips

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Virtual Employer One-on-One

Check out these tips for how to prepare for and ace your virtual one-on-one with an employer.

No matter how confident we are, many of us get pre-interview jitters, whether it’s out of excitement or nerves. And while it’s normal to be a little anxious, being fully prepared can help ease some anxiety. We pulled together some tips on how to prepare for your virtual one-on-one with an employer, so you can feel confident and ready to put your best foot forward when the time comes.

Prep starts long before your virtual meeting

While your chats aren't formal interviews, we suggest you still come prepared. This is your opportunity to make a great first impression, so show that you put some thought and care into this meeting. Here are a few tips to crush your first meeting long before it even begins:

  1. Long before your virtual chat, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a complete Handshake profile. Employers do their research too, and they’ll be looking at your profile to see what roles might make sense for you, your skills, location preferences, and more.
  2. Practice with a friend to get out all your jitters and ensure that you’ve got answers for anything the employer would ask. Practice truly does make perfect, so practice until you feel confident.
  3. Make a great first impression by limiting distractions. Have a roommate? Is your place a mess? We get it. Life happens. But before your virtual meet-up, make sure you clear your background of anything that may distract their attention from you.

Impress employers at the virtual career fair

You will likely have your virtual one-on-one with an employer at a virtual career fair, but you’ll need to sign up for sessions early to guarantee a spot. Sessions are typically 10 minutes and fill up fast, so sign up early and make the most of your time. Here’s how:

  1. Research the company. A sure-fire way to stand out is to impress the recruiter with your knowledge of the company.
  2. Prepare a short elevator pitch. Who are you, what are you interested in, and why do you want to work with this particular employer? Highlight your top qualities so employers can quickly understand why you’re a great fit for their open roles.

Get to know each other

As excited as the employers are to learn about you, this is also your opportunity to learn all about the employer, their open roles, and the company culture. Have a few questions ready about the culture, the team you'd be working with, and most importantly, about the role you're hoping to fill.

Not sure what else to ask? We’ve got you. Check out our sample questions to get you started.

You’re ready to go!

Now that you’ve got everything you need to prepare for your next virtual career fair and employer one-on-ones, all you have to do is schedule your meeting! Be confident and try out some of our tips to prepare in advance so you can nail your next one-on-one. It all starts on Handshake.

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