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How to Prepare for Virtual 1-on-1 Sessions

The guidance you need to feel confident, poised, and prepared to meet recruiters online.

Before you dive into your first one-on-one session with an employer during a virtual career fair, there are a few simple ways to set yourself up for success. Just put in a bit of extra effort to prepare in advance! You'll be equipped to appear poised, confident, and—most importantly—ready to perform in the role you’re dreaming of.

Ahead, discover the best ways to prepare in advance of your virtual career fair sessions. Plus, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for daily tips and inspiration you won’t get anywhere else.

Complete your Handshake profile

Recruiters will likely review your profile before a session. Be sure to update your Handshake profile with your role and location preferences, as well as skills, organizations, and work experience!

Outline your elevator pitch

Most one-on-one sessions are only 10 minutes long. Make the most of your time by distilling your best qualities into a quick synopsis that wows any attending recruiter! Your “elevator pitch” is a short overview about your background, studies, and career goals. Reference this article to learn how to prepare your perfect 30-second pitch.

Prepare some questions

Asking good questions can be beneficial for your job prospects, but also help build your own knowledge about a company. So before you head into your session, compile a list of thoughtful questions to ask if the opportunity arises. Check out this post for a ton of examples!

Practice with a friend

With the job hunt, as with most other aspects of life, practice makes perfect! And when you’ve got a recruiter’s undivided attention during a one-on-one session, feeling confident and prepared becomes extra important. Your university career center likely offers mock interview sessions, which can be a huge help. You can also ask a trusted loved one to practice some common interview questions with you before the day of the fair.

Get your ducks in a row

It’d be mortifying for a roommate to walk by in their underwear during your conversation with a recruiter, right? That’s exactly why it’s so important to prepare at home before you call into your virtual fair sessions! Clean your room to create a distraction-free video background, chat with any family or roommates ahead of time to ensure a quiet environment during your session, set an alarm to wake up on time, and take care to dress for success.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

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