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Highlights from the Summer 2021 Handshake Feedback Survey

532 institutions filled out our semi-annual feedback survey. Here are the key takeaways

At Handshake, it’s important that our work aligns with the goals and needs of our partners. To gauge our performance, we conduct a semi-annual Handshake Feedback Survey. Our last survey wrapped up in August 2021, with 44% of our partners (532 institutions) submitting at least one survey response (thank you to everyone who took the time to respond!).


  1. Our partners indicate they have a high degree of trustin Handshake when it comes to overall strategy and product investment
  2. Our Support and Customer Success teams continue to be a top resource for our partners, and are specifically recognized for being professional, courteous, caring, and knowledgeable
  3. There is an opportunity for Handshake to more effectively empower our partners through data and thought leadership

Our partners have a high degree of trustin Handshake

We’re excited to see strong alignment with Handshake’s vision and strategy—over 90% of respondents agreed that Handshake’s value to their institution is clear, and that they are proud to be a Handshake partner. Also, 88% of respondents agreed that they have confidence in Handshake’s strategy to expand access to opportunities for all students.

Positive sentiment for Handshake’s product investment was also high. Nine out of 10 respondents agreed that Handshake has made updates that benefit their team in the last 12 months. And partners recognized our continued attention to partner feedback in the product development process, giving a 4.11 average score (+0.25 compared to last year’s results).

Support and Customer Success are a top resource for partners

Our highest score centered around the Handshake team being professional, courteous, and caring when helping customers. Considering our deep commitment to providing a positive experience for partners, this was a huge win.

Our largest score improvement was for our team being knowledgeable and providing helpful information. We devote a great deal of time and energy toward training the team and building internal resources, and we’re pleased to see our efforts have not gone unnoticed!

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Empower our partners through data and thought leadership

One area of growth we’ll be exploring further in the next year is providing our partners with the data and insights needed to inform actionable strategies. Responses in these categories showed large numbers of “neutral” scores. Approaches we’re considering include providing data in more digestible formats, benchmarking network wide trends with your institutions, and building internal resources to enable our teams to communicate this information more easily. Stay tuned for updates here!

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Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! We are grateful for your continued partnership and feedback. Look out for our next feedback survey coming at the end of 2021.

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