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Product Development

Engaging students with curated employer collections

Learn how Handshake is expanding curation tools for career services teams.

Career services curation is a major pillar of Handshake’s vision to help students access more relevant opportunities. Your team’s expertise is a key differentiator that helps Handshake offer students a more guided, personalized job search experience than they can get anywhere else.

In summer 2022, we launched employer collections to help your team curate lists of unique employers. With categories like “Close to campus” and “Invests in diversity”, collections make it easy to highlight employers for reasons that are compelling to your students.

Why are these collections important? They make it possible for students to find relevant employers quickly in the app. In research sessions, students have overwhelmingly affirmed that they’re eager to review employers that your team recommends. We’ve seen this trend mirrored in how readily students engage with employer collections. Over the past few months, we’ve invested in updates that make employer collections even more visible to students, driving even more engagement.

Watch our employer collections training webinar for a detailed demonstration of the feature.

In fall 2022, we’ve made enhancements that:

  • Expand your team’s ability to curate employers
  • Make curated employers even more visible to your students

And, we’ve started outlining our vision for the future of curation on Handshake. Taken together, these investments represent vital steps we’re taking to embed your team’s expertise into Handshake.

Expanding curation for career services

Since launching employer collections, we’ve collected a ton of great feedback from our career services partners. Teams were eager to expand the existing list of collections, target more specific groups of students, and curate more employers. We’ve made updates on all three fronts.

We’ve added two new collections:

  • Creates social impact
  • Great for major group

The “Creates social impact” collection helps you highlight nonprofit and environmental organizations that are affecting positive change. Meanwhile, the “Great for major group” significantly expands your team’s ability to make targeted recommendations to students. Much like the existing “great for college” collection, you’ll be able to recommend employers to students in specific areas of study.

To help your team curate more employers, we’re expanding collection limits from 50 to 100 employers each! We’re also implementing a limit of 20 collections per employer to ensure recommendations remain focused.

You can keep tabs on which employers have been added to collections using this report.

Helping students benefit from your expertise

In addition to creating two new collections, we’ve also e added filters on the job search page that allow students to quickly identify opportunities posted by employers your team added to collections.

We also added badges to employer profiles and job postings to call out the collections an employer belongs to.

Level the playing field for your students