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2023 Product Vision Webinar

Learn more about Handshake's product vision for 2023 and upcoming key product initiatives.

In 2023 and beyond, we’re investing heavily in updates that help empower our education partners and embed their expertise more thoroughly into the Handshake experience—from new tools to highlight unique employers and jobs, to everyday workflow enhancements, to new marketplace experiences that help your team, your students, and your employer partners engage more effectively and evolve alongside the early talent landscape.

Watch this recording for an overview of key product initiatives in all stages of development.

Webinar timestamps:

0:00 Webinar housekeeping items
2:33 Introduction to Handshake’s 2023 product vision
9:40 (Focus area #1) Curation: Giving institutions tools to highlight their expertise to students
10:56 Timeline to becoming a curated, open network
13:14 Upcoming employer collection enhancements
17:21 Recap of employer validation and employer tags
25:59 Improvements to job relevancy
31:48 Replacing employer approvals with job-based approvals
37:20 Vision for a curated, open network by 2024
41:50 Walkthrough of career services’ future experience (design concepts)
46:33 Walkthrough of students’ future experience (design concepts)
49:50 Walkthrough of employers’ future experience (design concepts)
52:11 Vision for career services and employer relationship building
54:58 (Focus area #2) Back to basics: Investments in the core components of the Handshake platform
56:11 Upcoming updates to appointments, experiences, resources, and accessibility
1:05:04 (Focus area #3) Marketplace initiatives: Updates that’ll enhance the Handshake marketplace for students
1:06:04 Recap of student event discovery experience launch
1:09:16 Upcoming gallery view on Handshake video
1:10:05 Upcoming universal check-in at in-person fairs
1:11:19 Streamlining resources in career content for students
1:13:41 Vision for skills-based recruiting
1:19:46 Live Q&A

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