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Keynote Speaker Malala Yousafzai

About Find Your Next '21

Find Your Next is how the industry prepares for the fall and beyond. Employers and higher ed shared virtual recruiting trends and keynote speaker Malala Yousafzai inspired us all. If you missed it this year, you won't want to miss next year's lineup.

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Session Recordings Now Live

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From a live employer brand evaluation with student sharks to a rundown on the digital recruiting trends that are here to stay, watch on your own time to catch up on lessons over 2 action-packed days.

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With one million more women losing their jobs compared to men and an unemployment rate that hovers over 10% for Black Americans in most states, the pandemic left a rift in the path of workplace diversity. At the same time, the digital skills gap is widening talent's ability to remain competitive.

That's why we're sitting down with the leaders who are tackling these issues intentionally. Join Maurice Jones, CEO of OneTen, Deanna Mulligan, CEO of Purposeful, and Margo Georgiadis, Partner at General Catalyst and former CEO of Ancestry as we explore insightful paths for addressing hiring inequity and ways smart companies can close the growing skills gap with early talent.

Higher Ed Panel: Building a Campus That's Fair for All

2 in 3 higher education institutions say they plan on adopting virtual programming this fall. Will on-campus recruiting ever go back to normal?

From minority-serving institutions to community colleges to 4-year universities, tune in to hear how schools are preparing for a safe return and why they're adopting a digital calendar of career events to ensure that all of their students have impartial means to finding a career they love.

Dialing Up on Digital with Disney, Ford, and Habitat for Humanity

Employers are rethinking the employment practices they once relied on—like only recruiting from regional schools or leaning on GPA to determine fit—to create more equitable career pathways.

If digital transformation proved anything, it's that qualified talent can be found anywhere. Learn how three employers across three industries support students in emerging from from adversity to land a shot at opportunity.

Recruiting Beyond Reopening: What’s Trending vs. Here to Stay

After a year of remote work, the benefits of digital recruiting have remained clear: wider school and student reach and more qualified connections, all with less money and time spent on campus.

With reopening around the corner, what role does digital play in your equitable recruiting funnel? Handshake's Early Talent Award (ETAs) winners will share their preferred recruiting model and workflow for the fall '21 recruiting season.

Engineering Meets Recruiting: An Allyship to Accelerate Your Technical Hiring

By 2026, the shortage of engineers in the US will exceed 1.2m. With 1.7m+ students on Handshake pursuing majors in tech, engineering, and math-related fields, that shortage doesn't necessarily stem from supply—it's correlated to demand in your jobs.

In this breakout session, we'll explore how expanding your reach across institution types and facilitating alumni connections can tip the scales in your favor, resulting in a stronger partnership with engineering and a heightened technical brand.

A Fireside Chat on the Evolution of Tracking DEI

From sourcing to interviewing to hiring, recruiting with a lens towards DEI is becoming more critical as employers look to diversify their workforces and mirror the communities they serve.

When your key DEI recruiting principles are in a constant state of evolution, how do you quantify success? We'll sit down with Giselle Battley, JLL's Director of Strategic D&I Partnerships & University Relations and Gene Finley, Handshake's Director of Enterprise Insights, to explore the metrics you need to know to move the needle on your diversity hiring initiatives.

Leaning On Student Groups to Elevate Your Exposure

ASEA, NSBE, and SWE make up just a few of the over 180 student groups on Handshake, giving employers expanded access into the underserved student populations they're hoping to recruit.

Bring your burning questions as we join leaders from a few of these organizations in this ask me anything (AMA), so you can better understand the role employers play in recruiting and engaging qualified students from these groups.

Employer Brand Audit with Student Sharks in the Tank

Ever wonder what students actually think about your employer brand? Now's your chance to hear it directly from Handshake's intern class of '21. Join this game-show style breakout session to learn about the brand elements that resonate with early talent (and the fluff that loses their interest).

Please note that signing up for this session doesn't denote automatic evaluation. We'll reach out to registrants to gauge your interest on a live and interactive evaluation of your employer brand.

Are You Woke? Gen Z's Role in Diversifying Your Workplace

In addition to the pandemic, 2020 elevated conversations about systemic racism in the US. By challenging the status quo, Gen Z—the most diverse generation yet—has played a pivotal role in propelling DEI to the forefront and are increasingly looking for employers that align with their moral compass.

As a result, talent teams are now reflecting on their hiring and retention strategies to expose opportunities and solve for equity. In this live podcast taping, take a seat with a DEI expert to uncover the trends driving Gen Z's employment decisions.

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