While the cultural embrace of Pride every June represents positive momentum toward acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, employers have an obligation to do more than change corporate logos to rainbow colors for a month.

Download our “Beyond Pride: Guide to Hiring LGBTQ+ Early Talent” for:

  • replicable tactics to authentically recruit and retain LGBTQ+ candidates
  • context for the cultural and legal landscape around gender and sexual orientation
  • demographics and relevant statistics about LGBTQ+ Gen Z and allies on Handshake
  • a glossary of terms to ensure you’re using language with intention.

Recognizing and understanding the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ candidates and employees can set your company apart—and make it clear that your brand is doing more than just jumping on the annual Pride bandwagon.

Because hiring LGBTQ+ candidates and creating a workplace culture that is authentically inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community doesn’t happen in one month—relationships are built a little every day, and all year round.

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