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Early Talent Awards 2024

Early Talent Awards 2024

Celebrating the best employers for people starting their careers

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  • 4x winner

About the company

Viasat is the company behind the world’s fastest satellite internet service, with technology that’s helping to bridge the digital divide and improve life for customers worldwide. We offer exciting internships that give early talent real projects to solve for and network with brilliant leaders.

What early talent is saying

"My supervisors gave me freedom of direction when working on my project, respected my work style, and let me work independently. I had a lot of opportunities to network with other engineers and learn about the company. My supervisors and the team also cared a lot about my well-being."

Why we're different

  • Fun work culture
  • Housing stipend
  • Managers care
Learn from the best

73% of early career job seekers prioritize purposeful work. Learn how best-in-class teams win with the next generation.