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Early Talent Awards 2024

Early Talent Awards 2024

Celebrating the best employers for people starting their careers

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Teach For America

Teach For America

    About the company

    Teach For America is a two-year training and certification program that recruits and supports passionate, equity-minded leaders to work as full-time, classroom teachers in low-income communities within the US. Together, we empower students in the classroom and reimagine our education system.

    What early talent is saying

    "This was a very fulfilling role. I loved being able to connect with students and other fellows to help students improve their reading skills. My managers were extremely supportive and understanding and were there to make sure I succeeded."

    Why we're different

    • Leadership opportunities
    • Meaningful work
    • Mission-driven
    Learn from the best

    73% of early career job seekers prioritize purposeful work. Learn how best-in-class teams win with the next generation.