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Early Talent Awards 2024

Early Talent Awards 2024

Celebrating the best employers for people starting their careers

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Cintas Corporation

Cintas Corporation

  • 2x winner

About the company

Cintas helps more than one million businesses get Ready™ to open their doors with confidence every day by providing products and services that help keep facilities and employees clean, safe, and looking their best. We offer internships for students and a Management Trainee Program for graduates.

What early talent is saying

"I like the work environment and sense of comradery. Everybody across the different departments is friendly, and there is a sense of pride in our work ethic and close-knit community. Any time you see a Cintas product you get a sense of validation and pride."

Why we're different

  • Managers care
  • Socially responsible
  • Supportive
Learn from the best

73% of early career job seekers prioritize purposeful work. Learn how best-in-class teams win with the next generation.