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Early Talent Awards 2024

Early Talent Awards 2024

Celebrating the best employers for people starting their careers

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  • 4x winner

About the company

AlphaSights is the global leader in knowledge on demand. Our full-time early-career programs are designed for ambitious people in their final year of university, recent graduates, or early career professionals. We offer a perfect way to learn valuable professional skills and springboard your career.

What early talent is saying

"AlphaSights is a great place to launch your career! They genuinely care about your professional trajectory, which is evident through frequent professional development workshops, alumni panels, and career acceleration opportunities. The work is team-oriented and the energy is fresh and fun."

Why we're different

  • Fun work culture
  • High-growth opportunity
  • Values feedback
Learn from the best

73% of early career job seekers prioritize purposeful work. Learn how best-in-class teams win with the next generation.