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Early Talent Awards

Celebrating the best employers for Gen Z careers


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JPMorgan Chase & Co.

2x winner
Tech Transformer

About the program

JPMorgan Chase is a leading financial services firm. With over 35 different businesses and corporate functions and more than 20 analyst and associate program tracks, they offer internships across their entire business, from global finance and investment banking to data science and technology.

Hear about the student experience

"I loved the culture and the people the most. Everyone is willing to help and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Entering a big firm can be very overwhelming, but the people and the network I created made it easier."

Innovating in tech

JPMorgan Chase has a technology staff of 55,000, which has grown since the pandemic. They’ve hired people with “jobs of the future” skills like cloud computing, data science, A.I. and cybersecurity. JPMC’s efforts to adjust to a digital landscape, integrate diversity focused recruiting and roll out a streamlined college student engagement program have all been fueled by Handshake. Through Handshake they can reach talent of all backgrounds, connect them with current employees therefore increasing candidate conversion for the JPMC leaders of tomorrow.

How they win with Gen Z
  • Networking opportunities
  • Structured mentorship
  • Managers are mentors