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Fidelity Investments

  • Tech Transformer

About the program

Fidelity Investments' mission is to strengthen the financial well-being of its clients. Their paid-training programs allow students to earn financial knowledge, grow through hands-on training, and help people achieve their financial goals every day—all with the support of mentors and peers.

Hear about the student experience

“I enjoyed the candid nature of the company and the fact that everyone was willing to adapt and be open-minded about taking on different opportunities during my internship between departments. The flexibility was amazing, and I truly loved the experience.”

Innovating in tech

Fidelity’s new tech hires, which account for 18% of their workforce expansion, include full stack software engineers, data scientists, mobile/iOS engineers and architecture professionals. Fidelity hires around 2,000 entry-level individuals annually and leverages Handshake to uplevel their brand through a digital presence, increase diversity representation in their talent pool and create efficiency for their teams hiring thousands of candidates a year.

How they win with Gen Z

  • Managers are mentors
  • Managers care
  • Networking opportunities