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  • Tech Transformer

About the program

Amtrak has a wide array of positions for those who wish to start their career journeys on the railroad. For those not looking to work in infrastructure, they offer internships in an office environment, with opportunities across engineering, finance, HR, marketing, and computer science.

Hear about the student experience

“I really enjoyed my team and the amount of responsibility they gave my intern group. We were able to access all of Amtrak's research data to help design their new generation of trains, which was a challenging yet fulfilling project.”

Innovating in tech

Amtrak’s STEM internships, such as in Engineering, Network Support, and IT, include site-visits, project-based work, introductions to leadership, and site tours to help students visualize the impact of their work—and a potential tech career at Amtrak. Amtrak uses Handshake to source for their tech roles through trade schools, community colleges, and tech-specific programs.

How they win with Gen Z

  • Managers care
  • Flexible work environment
  • Project ownership