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Get hired remotely, The internship series

My internship got canceled... now what?

Summer internship canceled or put on hold? Here are your next steps.

A lot of things might feel uncertain right now—especially if your career plans have been impacted by current events. If your internship has been canceled or put on hold, we're sorry for the disappointment you're feeling. We want to provide you with some tangible solutions for making the most of this time. Ahead, discover ways to push your career path forward during the coming months. And check out our lists of great employers hiring college students and new grads.

Use your time deliberately

Even though your internship plans changed, that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on building professional experience! When you’re sitting down for your next interview, how can you turn these months into a positive talking point?

Everyone has different career goals and projects that will help with their resumes. Here are a few project suggestions that might spark an idea that helps you come out of this stronger:

  1. Create a personal website or digital portfolio for your work using an intuitive tool like Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix
  2. Read up on topics you want to master or understand better, especially while some educational content is now free to access
  3. Fill out your Handshake profile with achievements, courses, and extracurriculars, all of which could lead to recruiters reaching out to you

Stay open to new opportunities

Just because one opportunity might be put on hold, that doesn't mean you won't find another last-minute internship! Stay up to speed on employers that are actively hiring students like you and consider ways to stand out to recruiters. That might mean attending their virtual events, responding thoughtfully to messages, or simply asking the right questions.

Attend virtual information sessions

While many school campuses are closed for the rest of the term, behind the scenes there are still career counselors ready to share expert advice with college students and alums. To remedy the lack of face-to-face communication, try attending a virtual information session or arranging a video appointment with your school's career services office. During these types of calls, you can come prepared with questions for your advisor and receive advice for the job search, get feedback on your resume or Handshake profile, and more.

Tip: if you need ideas for questions to ask your career advisor, start here.

Network with peers and role models

We are lucky to live in an age where people can connect with a simple click or two. No matter what's happening in the world, we aren’t alone, and we can build each other up. Try starting with your close circle and see if any of your friends have career advice, or want to collaborate on a skill-building project with you. Self-starting never depreciates in value.

Aside from your personal circle, there are plenty of other eager people who want to help you on your professional journey. You can use Handshake to get in touch with student peers and alumni from your school; connect with them and inquire about what their day-to-day looks like right now. Email professors offer your remote help with any interesting projects they’re working on. Even consider reaching out to recruiters and industry professionals for any advice that they might have right now.

Take care of yourself

While the advice above can help during your career journey, it’s important—maybe more than ever—to check in with yourself. Check out this list of free resources and services that might be able to help during this time, and remember to take breaks. Not every moment spent at home needs to be productive! It's OK to watch Netflix, FaceTime with loved ones, play your music loud, and shake everything out when you need it.

Your internship might've been put on hold, but your life has not. The future is bright, and we can't wait to help you find your next opportunity.

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