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Top 10 Web3 jobs & who's hiring

Find the best Web3 jobs and see who's hiring. Explore 10 top positions and learn how to land your dream job.

Top 10 Web3 jobs & who's hiring

Are you fascinated by the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and Ethereum? Intrigued by NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology? Well, you’re about to discover some exciting career paths in Web3. These roles cater to a variety of backgrounds and skills — and time zones, with the number of remote opportunities available in this field. One thing's for sure: The opportunities in Web3 are vast and full of potential.

Curious about how to work in Web3, the types of jobs available, and whether it's a good career choice for you? Let’s look at a diverse range of part-time and full-timeWeb3 jobs and learn how you can break into the industry.

1. Solidity contract developer

Average salary: $68,880 per year

A Solidity contract developer creates the foundations for digital agreements in the exciting world of blockchain technology. These talented developers are responsible for making what are called "smart contracts.”

By using Solidity, a popular coding language, smart contract engineers fine-tune these agreements for cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. They've got a strong background in programming and usually have at least a high school diploma, but a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field can help you stand out. Hard skills are prioritized in this position, as a solid foundation in programming and blockchain is a must.

2. Front-end Web3 developer

Average salary: $120,000 per year

While front-end developers build user-friendly interfaces using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, front-endWeb3 developers take it a step further into the realm of blockchain and DApps (decentralized applications). With a solid foundation in web development — and extra expertise in technologies like Ethereum, smart contracts, and tokenization — these pioneers craft and maintain engaging user interfaces.

Not only does it require typical web developer skills, but the role also demands adaptability and constant learning, as it's all about staying on top of the trends in blockchain technology. Although a formal degree isn’t typically required, a few years of solid developer experience is important.

3. Back-end Web3 developer

Average salary: $111,000 per year

Back-endWeb3 developers power the engine behind decentralized applications (DApps) running on the blockchain. They often come from a background in full-stack engineering or DevOps and have in-depth knowledge of not only back-end languages and frameworks but also blockchain concepts, smart contracts, and decentralized storage protocols.

Their skill set differs from regular back-end developers in that it combines traditional back-end expertise with the know-how to navigate the evolving landscape of decentralization. Like front-endWeb3 developers, you don’t necessarily need a college degree for this job, but having a few years of experience is key.

4. Crypto analyst

Average salary: $115,000 per year

A crypto analyst is one of the top cryptocurrency jobs. These professionals deal with Bitcoin, Solana, and various altcoins. Their primary role is finding hidden patterns, trends, and valuable insights within the crypto landscape to help investors make the best possible decisions.

By having a strong grasp of market analysis, technical analysis, and trading, these experts navigate cryptocurrency data and keep their eyes peeled for the next big opportunity. Besides being well-versed in the crypto markets, they're also equipped with soft skills like excellent communication, critical thinking, and adaptability. After all, they need to share their findings in a way that resonates with investors.

You’ll likely need a bachelor's degree in business, finance, or a similar field. But having a few years of finance or trading experience will give you a leg up.

5. Community manager

Average salary: $57,000 per year

In this space, community managers are the ones nurturing relationships, sparking discussions, and fostering a sense of belonging around decentralized technologies and blockchain-based projects. Their typical day revolves around managing and growing online communities on social media platforms like Discord, with the goal of driving engagement and creating loyal ambassadors for the brand.

To excel in this role, a community manager needs a unique blend of hard skills, like knowledge of social media analytics and marketing tools, as well as soft skills, like communication, empathy, and time management. While a bachelor's degree in marketing, communication, or a related field is often preferred, hands-on experience with online communities — whether for a tech or non-tech brand — can matter just as much.

Entry-level positions do exist, and some companies might consider passion and aptitude over experience. However, two to three years of experience in community management or a similar role (such as “social media manager”) often give candidates a competitive edge.

6. Web3 product manager

Average salary: $160,000 per year

This role entails overseeing the development and implementation of products and services in the Web3 ecosystem — that vast metaverse of interconnected platforms, technologies, protocols, communities, and services powering the decentralized web.

Not to be confused with project managers, Web3 product managers help develop products that shape the future of the decentralized internet. They usually need a bachelor's degree in economics, computer science, or math, along with key skills like strategic thinking, leadership, risk management, and excellent communication. Familiarity with Agile methodologies is another plus, as are some years of experience as a technical product manager or engineer.

7. Web3 UX designer

Average salary: $100,000 per year

The job of Web3 UX designers is to use their design and blockchain expertise to create a seamless user experience within decentralized tech. They don't just have a keen eye for product design — they're also up-to-date with the latest happenings in Web3 startups. Their skill set ranges from proficiency in design tools like Sketch and Figma to a deep understanding of blockchain principles and user behavior in decentralized platforms. As for soft skills, think excellent communication, problem-solving, and adaptability to ace this role.

A bachelor's degree in design, communications, or a related field is a great starting point. As for experience, many companies prefer candidates with a solid two to three years under their belt, particularly in the blockchain space.

8. Blockchain developer

Average salary: $120,000 per year

With their mastery in cryptography, programming languages, and consensus algorithms, these developers are responsible for creating and optimizing groundbreaking blockchain-based applications. To pull this off, they usually have a strong technical background — at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar field — but there's more to it than just hard skills.

Blockchain developers also rely on soft skills like collaboration, communication, and problem-solving, as they constantly work in harmony with other tech roles. Some entry-level opportunities exist for talented self-starters, but most companies want developers with at least three to five years of relevant work experience.

9. Front-end engineer

Average salary: $121,000 per year

While a front-end developer is all about crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites, a front-end software engineer in Web3 creates and optimizes immersive, interactive interfaces for decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain-powered platforms.

These tech virtuosos have the usual front-end arsenal of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge, but they also wield expertise in blockchain, smart contracts, and Web3 libraries. Soft skills like adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving are essential. Most companies seek candidates with three to five years of experience, as this isn't your ordinary entry-level job. Those things might be all you need, but a bachelor's degree in computer science often adds credibility.

10. Full-stack developer

Average salary: $117,000 per year

A full-stack developer (or full-stack engineer) is a jack-of-all-trades, juggling both front-end and back-end responsibilities. You’ll need experience in Web3 stack (Ethereum, Solidity, The Graph) and other sorts of blockchain technologies and expertise in traditional web development languages.

They also delve into back-end web frameworks, databases, APIs, and contract deployment to create a seamless flow of information between the front end and back end. There aren’t usually any specific educational requirements, but taking on the role of a full-stack developer requires around three to five years of experience working as a front-end or back-end developer, or in a junior developer role.

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