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Volunteer Internships for College Students

Volunteer internships are great for getting involved in community and building a great resume!

If you’re looking for a great way to get involved in your community and also gain valuable experience, look no further than a volunteer internship! Volunteer internships dance along the fine line between both volunteer experience and what it’s like to hold an internship. Inherently, volunteering is usually setting aside your time to help without any prior motivations other than working with a cause close to your values and interests.

Is an unpaid internship considered volunteering?

Unpaid internships and volunteer work are two different things, as you can apply to each separately on Handshake. Though, it is true that the two hold some similarities in some areas. Neither offer monetary compensation; however, you’ll be able to use both valuable experiences for your resume.

How can I find volunteer internships near me?

To find volunteer internships by you, simply filter on Handshake using the words “volunteer internships” and the city you want to work in. Follow some non-profit organizations on Handshake and see when they list openings online!

What are some good volunteer/internship programs?

Some great places to consider volunteering:

  • Museums
  • National parks
  • Soup kitchens
  • Animal rescue shelters
  • Grade schools

A good volunteer program is dependent on how much it aligns with your interests and career path. If you’re just feeling out what you’re interested in, try a few of the volunteer opportunities listed above! You never know what you could really take a liking to.

Should I put unpaid work experience on my resume?

Yes! Just because a role isn’t paid, doesn’t mean you didn’t learn useful skills there. All of your work experiences contribute different insight and understanding. Definitely list your unpaid and volunteer work on your resume!

When should I search for volunteer work?

Besides searching online for volunteer work, you can look in your network and in your surrounding community. Check with your professors or classmates about places they recommend volunteering at–you never know where talking with people will get you. Another great place to look for volunteer work is by assessing your community and the places your skills might be beneficial at.

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