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Discovering your career

Looking for career advice? Here are the best online forums

Resources for students to engage with online communities for career advice.

By now, we hope you’ve taken advantage of the great benefits your campus career services center can provide. From career advising to cover letter writing workshops and career path discovery, there’s so much you can gain from a visit. If you don’t have time for a quick physical trip to your campus’s career services center, Handshake can provide you with updates on events and other offerings available to you.

But when you’re looking for advice that’s a bit different, the kind that comes from peers and alumni pursuing your career, you might want to look into the multitude of career advice forums available online. By way of blogs and interactive forums, there’s something out there for just about anyone looking to find advice on their career path.

For when you seek advice and memes from the same place

Reddit is one of the internet's favorite social media platforms. It sees more average use time than both Twitter and Facebook; this comes as no surprise given the site’s functionality to allow just about anyone to create their own communities, called subreddits. The (mostly) friendly, actively engaged users have fostered a common place for open intellectual discourse alongside GIFs of cute kittens.

If you want to engage in Reddit’s career advice-related subreddits, check out:

  • r/careerguidance
  • r/jobs
  • r/lifeprotips — make sure to enter “careers & work” in the search bar at the top
  • r/findapath
  • r/productivity (if you need more of a motivational career pick-me-up)
  • r/careersuccess

For when you need advice from a network of alumni

Handshake has countless tools and resources available to students who want to learn more about the workplace. Beyond the thousands of job and internship opportunities lies a network of alumni and employees in every industry. If you need advice, reach out to a graduate from your school and you may hear back. Handshake also allows past and current employees to rate their experiences at difference workplaces if you need a quick perspective on a job you want.

For when you need grad school advice

The grad school application process can be so grueling that someone has actually created a forum specifically for applicants. Community members at The Grad Cafe often convene during admissions season and share their accepted, rejected, and waitlisted news with one another. It serves as a great hub to keep track of application status as you hear updates from other applicants.

In addition to grad admissions forums, the Grad Cafe has plenty of other online hangouts to discuss other school-related topics. If you’re considering grad school, we recommend stopping by the site to get a feel for others’ experiences applying your program of interest.

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