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Handshake student stories

Trying It All: A Quadruple Handshake Success Story

Howard University student Rayna Moore shares how she used Handshake to secure four different professional opportunities and define her career path.

“So what are your plans after graduation?”

If you’re just starting college or on the verge of graduation then you’ve probably heard many iterations of this question thrown around – usually directed at you and your impending career launch.

When you don’t know what you want to do, how do you cope with the constant poking and prodding?

There are jobs that align with your passions, jobs with benefits, jobs in your city – even jobs outside of your major that can go unexplored for fear of treading too far off the beaten path.

But if you’re like college student Rayna Moore then you’ve probably wanted to try them all.

The Business Management major from Howard University has spent a large part of her professional career exploring her interests in hopes of understanding her calling.

“I’m a person who doesn’t really know what I want to do in my future, so I’m just trying to explore different paths and different opportunities. And I feel like Handshake is providing that for me.”

Just from browsing the selection of internships and jobs available to her on Handshake, Rayna has been able to land four different positions since entering college. A wide array of jobs are available for exploration, allowing her to apply for and experience roles across industries as she hones in on her interests.

After her first experience at the Liberty Mutual Diversity Symposium, she returned back to Handshake and since then has worked with Fannie Mae and American Airlines. She currently also holds a marketing internship at Amtrak that continues to add even more richness to her background.

“Handshake has afforded me opportunities that are not available on other websites. [It] is helping me develop as a professional!”

Upon graduation, her goal is to make her way up to a company’s C-suite position. And with her hunger for learning and an open mind, that goal becomes more and more tangible every single day.

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